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Flaunt Your Hufflepuff Pride With This Adorably Wearable Makeup Look

Between Harry Potter lip art and Harry Potter body paint and just about everything in between, there’s absolutely no shortage of Harry Potter-inspired beauty masterpieces out there. But many of these over-the-top designs aren’t the most appropriate for every day, especially when it’s not October and Halloween isn’t a valid excuse . . . well, until now. Makeup artist Karla McEntree has redefined Harry Potter-inspired eye makeup with an adorably wearable look that won’t make you stand out like a lightning bolt scar would!

Karla has started a makeup series turning each of the houses into a cute, flattering look and we have to admit, we’re totally obsessed. With Hufflepuff being first, the makeup artist incorporated the yellow and black house colors to complete the double-winged eyeliner creation. She filled the liner with a beautiful yellow glitter shade, truly making her eyes pop. Hufflepuff may not have many dark wizards, but it looks like Karla is totally channeling her dark side with this blended look.

Keep reading to see Karla’s Hufflepuff-inspired look from all angles.

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