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Eye Makeup Trend: “Mer-Liner” Is the Most Fintastic

If you have an obsession with dinglehoppers and iridescent objects, have mastered the art of beachy, salt-sprayed hair, and fantasize about waking up with fins instead of feet, you might just be obsessed with mermaids. Thanks to the proliferation of holographic makeup, there are ample opportunities to inject a bit of maritime magic into your everyday life. Case in point: mer-liner.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: women are taking the innovative eyeliner trend and melding it with their love of mermaids, creating ornate, scale-accented cat eyes. You can either add a dramatic tail for your cat eye, or leave it up to the imagination. Though we’ve only come across three iterations of the look so far, we’re hoping that more intrepid makeup artists rock the style and share with their Instagram followers. Read on and prepare to be mesmerized.


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