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Best Tips For Glossy Eyes

A popular summer look for the bronzed and gilded, glossy eyes are perfect for highlighting a luminous and beachy complexion.

Whether you want to rock glossy eyes for a tropical look or create a fantasy, latex inspired palette for party night, the technique is an important step in mastering this unique style. Follow these tips for glossy eyes that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Glossy Runway Makeup Trends

While it can sometimes be difficult for runway trends to morph into the read world, glossy makeup is one that has translated in a variety of ways. Berry-stained glossy lips are a summer favorite and shimmery bronzed looks are everywhere. Glossy makeup on the eyes is one catwalk creation that is a little bit more difficult to pull off, but with a little creativity and under the right circumstances, the look can work beautifully.

How to Create Glossy Eyes

Glossy eyes can be created in a variety of different ways. For the makeup novice, this technique requires little more than a few cosmetic staples. If you’re a cosmetic aficionado, you may choose to work with a broader range of loose shadows and pigments to create a variety of looks.


For basic application, gather the following supplies:

  • Eyeshadow in metallic shade (bronze, gold, silver or ivory)
  • Petroleum jelly or lip balm
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Eye liner


  • Prior to applying eye makeup, prep the surface of your eyelid with your basic under eye concealer. If you have a clear complexion and want a more beach-friendly look, you can skip this step and continue on to the basic glossy eyelid application. If you’re applying concealer, work quickly and blend evenly for best results. Set the finish with a sweep of face powder for a translucent glow.
  • Next, apply metallic or gilded eye shadow with your shadow brush. Be careful to confine shadow within the lid to avoid a garish sheen under your browbone.
  • Once shadow is applied, simply apply a light wash of petroleum jelly or lipbalm over the shadow to create the look of glossy eyes.
  • Finish your glossy makeup look with a curl of your eyelashes and a few coats of black mascara.
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Get Creative

For the creative and inspired artist, glossy and wet eyes can be so much more than golden and gilded. You can create a bright fuchsia wet-eyed look with your black catsuit for daring clubwear. For the modern pixie, an ethereal blend of silver glossy eyes and nude lips creates a magical pairing. Get creative and invest in the following cosmetic staples to create varied glossy eye looks:

  • Eye glitter
  • Adhesive sequins and embellishments
  • Eyeshadow sealant
  • False eyelashes
  • Wet to dry eyeshadows
  • Liquid eyeliners (opt for metallics for extra gleam)
  • Shimmering gel shadows

Avoid Mistakes

While gleaming glossy eyes are a rather simple cosmetic technique, mistakes can still happen. For best results, apply shadow sparingly and remember lighter hues work better than deep browns and bronze shadows, which may even dull your complexion. In addition, keep the rest of your makeup palette light and let your glossy eyes steal the show. Avoid red lips, cheeky colors and anything blue to keep your glossy eye look sophisticated and feminine rather than downright scary.

While glossy eye makeup can be a radiant look when applied correctly, the overall style may be too risque for the standard work environment. Save your glossy application for vacations, summer nights and special occasions, where ordinary and conservative makeup styles can be set aside for that extra dose of something special.

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