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Why Wear Colored Contact Lenses?

Why dye your hair bright pink and be stuck with it for months when you can stand out from the crowd much more simply by wearing a pair of colored contact lenses? Colored contacts are a cost-effective, easy and effective way to look great and be noticed. Asides the blatant gorgeous-inducing traits of sporting eyes as green as emerald, as blue as topaz or as brown as chocolate, colored contacts also conceal the color of eyes an individual might feel unhappy with. Take a look at some of the reasons why people choose to wear colored contact lenses.

To a Party or a Special Occasion

Whether it’s the end of year prom, the office Christmas party, New Year’s Eve or a Halloween party, colored contacts are guaranteed to enhance your outfit and make you feel and look delightfully ostentatious. One of the greatest components of colored lenses is that they come in such a huge range of colors and styles. If, for example, you are attending a fancy dress party as a vampire, wearing a bright and vivid pair of mesmerizing red vampire lenses will take your vampire look to a new level. Or perhaps you want to look as gorgeous as possible to a special occasion, such as a prom or Christmas party? Wearing a pair of Aqua contacts would make you look irrefutably different and undeniably irresistible.


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To Conceal Natural Eye Color

It’s an unfortunate trait of contemporary society that certain eye colors are deemed more ‘beautiful’ than others. We only have to look at the eyes Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities to realize what color eyes are considered the ‘height of beauty’.

But have you ever considered the prospect that the stars weren’t actually born with such vibrant colored eyes and their eyes as blue as the ocean are actually created with colored contacts? It is widely rumored that Paris Hilton’s famous baby blue eyes are not her natural color and the illustrious socialite was actually born with brown eyes.

Achieving the color of eye we have always dreamed of is one of the leading reasons people wear colored lenses. If you are going to wear contacts as a means of carrying off another color, you may want to opt for more natural colored tones of green, blue, brown and hazel.

To Hide Unwanted Color Pigmentation

Some people are born with conditions that results in their eye color being ‘different’ to the usual blue, green and brown the majority of people are born with. Whilst having an unusual eye color should be considered unique and desirable, many people living with a condition that effects their eye color strive to change the shade of their irises.

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For example, albinism usually results in a lack of pigmentation in the eye causing red-colored eyes. Someone with albinism might want to change the color of their eyes to a more ‘conventional’ green, blue or brown. Whatever your reason for wearing colored contacts, one thing is for sure, these stunningly theatrical lenses are designed to get you noticed!

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