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Why Sclera Contact Lenses are so expensive?

if you dream achieving the magnificent & striking look which black Sclera contacts may provide you; you might have thought more than once that why sclera circle lenses are so ridiculously expensive.

Sclera contact lenses cover the whole eye and the effect is also known as “black-out” effect. Sclera contact lenses are 22mm whilst the normal/regular circle lenses are between 14 to 16mm. Some big eye circle lenses are also available in 20mm which may be available at a slightly higher price tag. Sclera circle lenses therefore being biggest in diameter tend to be expensive. Not only this; Sclera circle lenses have to be ISO certified because poor sclera contacts may lead your eyes to a permanent damage.

The only reason is the “Production Method”. Sclera circle lenses are made from a breakthrough technology which uses hydrogel material. The hydrogel material ensures greater comfort, allows soft blinking and longer wear.

When you wear circle lenses which cover more than your original iris; you block oxygen permeability to your eyes. This is why some people feel dry eyes and eye strain upon wearing big eye circle lenses. Since sclera circle lenses are the widest in dimensions they cover your entire eye both the colored and white portions. Unlike regular circle lenses; the hydrogel material used in sclera circle lenses takes care of oxygen permeability and ensures perfect breathing for your eyes. They are opaque hence they completely mask the original eye color- be it dark or light. Still the center or the pupil area has to be kept transparent to prevent vision hindrances. This adds further to the cost of sclera circle lenses.

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