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Three Color Contact Lenses Options and Makeup Styles

Three color contact lenses are lenses with three different tones; a primary color, an inner colored rim, and an outer colored rim. The inner rim is decorative and helps blend your eye color with the lens. The outer rim accentuates and also bends in the lens.  With three color contact lenses you can’t go wrong; from natural tones to the artistically risky, here are some of your options.

Natural Gradients

Want to opt for a more natural look? Three color contact lenses can help! Brightening your darker eyes with colors such as blue or hazel is now possible. You can even enrich your light eyes with honey browns or dark hazel. The trick is to go for gradient lenses when the lens color closely matches your original eye color. For drastic color changes, select an opaque lens and choose inner and outer rim colors that blend with your eye color closely.

When there are different shades in the same contacts you can wear it with different outfits without having to worrying about a particular one color. For instance, when you buy a blue shade from the market you cannot wear it with dress of about any color-  the better colors to team them will be purple or blue. This would make you to buy extra pairs of contacts for day or night use. The natural gradients can however be worn easily with any color as long as they don’t have one particular shade in them which is called basic.


Oddly colored lenses like red and purple usually don’t blend well with most eyes. Especially if the lens colors that drastically differ from your original eye color.

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Not to worry! With three color contact lenses, you can make those zany colors work. Just consider your original eye color during lens selection. Choose an opaque lens if you have darker eyes.  Additionally, check if the inner and outer-rim colors blend with your original eye color. Be sure to select a lens with natural iris markings for an everyday look. Keep bolder looks for fun events. To go for an even bolder look, choose lenses with three different colors. Women love wearing artistic patterns because they make some effect with the dress. They also add some attraction to the entire face. It’s not that they come in only few colors it’s that the pattern or grid inside the design makes them different and unique. Avoid wearing the patterns that have same zig zag or spiral type effect because it lends an impression of animals’ eye and spoils your impression. Pick the simple style only that can be worn with all the cloths.

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