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Scariest Zombie Contact Lenses

When we think of the scariest horror genre it has to be zombies. From the beginning Zombie films portrayed these creatures as slow moving and dumb villains, however, they have had a makeover and become super fast killing machines.

Originating from West African Voodoo, natives believed a sorcerer or bokor revives the dead putting them under his/her complete control. It was also believed that the bokor trapped part of the zombies soul to sell for its healing powers, luck and business success. A completely different story to what we are used to hearing today.

West Africans believed that after a while of having the zombies roaming the Earth, God would send the soul back or as legend has it if you feed the zombie salt, it would return back to the grave. However, in some South African cultures if a witch was to turn a corpse into a zombie, the spell could be broken by a powerful sangoma.

The story of the zombie has become widely popular, especially as there are accounts and reports of real zombies walking the Earth, (more so in Haiti) which is highlighted by two books written by Wade Davis. Books upon books and later films upon films have taken on this story and manipulated it for popular entertainment, a story we are all more familiar with.

Through time and different medias the story has been adapted, which has resulted in it becoming more popular than vampire films in popular culture. Zombies are now commonly known as flesh eating and mindless decaying corpses that carry a disease such as rage, which has turned them into a walking and eating nightmare. Earlier films portrayed zombies as a slow moving and dim villains, which is shown in George Romero’s Night of the living dead, yet due to desensitisation zombies have become quicker, smarter and more cunning, shown in the popular modern films such as Danny Boyle’s 28 days later and the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Zombies have also become 3D with the new Resident Evil: Afterlife film coming to our cinema screens and making them even more terrifying than ever before.

Rising from the grave

Zombie contact lenses are sure to transform your costume and you will become most terrifying undead at the party. Try a pair a white or blood stained contact lenses to really get into the character, it will make your costume stand out above the rest and you are sure to get some screams when you walk past.

With a pair of zombie lenses your outfit for Halloween or other social events will be complete and the look and feel of the outfit will be mastered. These contacts are also ideal for other outfits such as a Vampire or you may want to pay a tribute to Marilyn Manson or maybe a demon has possessed you for the night? These zombie eyed contact lenses are perfect for people who likes a bit of versatility.