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Red Contacts and Cat Eye Contact Lenses Best For Halloween

If you’re looking to truly have the most frightening Halloween costume ever, you can guarantee that this affect will resonate if you have crazy looking contacts. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul. If you want to do something bone chilling, novelty color contacts are the way to go. While many people wear color contacts to get a natural look, there is a rapidly growing trend to have the kind of contacts that were typically only available for Hollywood actors. In the past couple of years, this market has expanded to where you can have anything you want printed and directly embedded in a pair of contacts. This allows you to do just about anything you want with your costume

A popular novelty contact is red contacts. Red is a color that can lend a lot of popular ideas. For example, it can make you look like a vampire. It can also make it look like if you have some sort of disease. Looking like you have a disease is a very popular with a zombie Halloween costume. You can also use the red color to show that you are a vicious killer. This is also helpful if you need to go to several parties throughout the season. You can use the same contacts but changer costume. Of course, most people love that the red eye look because it really freaks people out. Red is often a color used to create a state of psychological alarm. This is exactly what you want with your Halloween costume.

If there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of, however. First of all, if you have your iris covered in any way, it will cut off your peripheral vision. This is what you see to the side of your vision. It is extremely important when driving. Think, for example, of a cat eye contact lens. It is not shaped like your iris at all. This means that part of your vision will be cut off. They will also affect your vision at night. During the night, our pupils expand in order to gather more lights. Because you want your old eye color covered completely by the contacts, they will typically be size for a smaller iris.

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This does not mean that they’re dangerous to wear. This just means that you will need to be aware off of the obvious fact that your vision will be affected. This can be important if you are thinking about working and wearing these contacts. If you are working in Food Service, these might not be ideal. They may also not be ideal if you are considering delivering pizza or driving a taxi. They are typically made to be used at parties and in nightclubs. One other tip is to wear them a few days before you need to use them. This way, you will allow your eye to adjust to a contact. You do not want to have a red eyes because you have never worn a contact before.