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You Need To Know About Blue Colored Contacts

If you, like most, have ever wanted blue eyes, now you can with blue colored contact lenses. Even if you are lucky enough to have blue eyes, give nature a helping hand and really make your eyes pop with blue colored contacts. The blue colored contacts that are available come in a wide range of shades, blends and styles depending on if you are looking for a natural or a more wilder look.

If you already have blue eyes then you can look at colored lenses that enhance and more define what you have naturally. These lenses would include blue colored lenses that blend with your natural color to add a more defined edge or add a brighter or darker blue to your eyes. These look the most natural as they blend with the background coloration of your eyes.

There are many different designs of blending patterns available from different manufacturers so you will need to understand what effect you need to achieve to get the improvement you need for your blue eyes. Some blends are stronger, generally meaning they have more opaque elements on the lens while others add or overlay a pattern to your eye giving a more uniform appearance to your eyes.

Some blue color contacts blends included more than one blue, in some cases up to three different blues are included. The idea is to create a more interested iris pattern which can really make your eyes stand out.

To get a purer blue eye color more opaque or completely opaque blue colored contacts should be tried. These really more on the lenses to provide the color instead of blending and adding to your natural eye color. If you already have blue eyes then you should look for blending around the pupil area to make them look more natural.

If you have another eye color naturally then you should be choosing the opaque colors especially if your natural color is dark like brown. Light gray and light green can get away with more blended lenses and these can create some really attractive effects.


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Whatever your natural eye color there are sure to be blue colored contact lenses available to suit your eyes. It make take a few attempts of buying different designs to find the color transformation your really after but with some of the prices available online nowadays this doesn’t need to be expensive and with the competition between online stores buying several different designs at once can still be quite cheap. Doing this will allow you to instantly compare the differences between designs too.

So regardless of the eye color you were born with, sparkling blue eyes are now achievable for everyone, including those with a prescription as most designs are available in different powers at a reasonable price. You never know people you already know may be wearing them everyday without you even knowing.