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Makeup Ideas with Blue Colored Contacts

Blue Colored Contacts:

When it comes to blue colored contact lenses, it all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. From natural to the unusually zany here are some of your options.

Translucent or Opaque?

Choosing the right color highly depends on whether or not you have dark eyes.  If your eyes are dark, don’t use enhancers or see through lenses. Opt for opaque lenses. Translucent blue color contact lenses will contrast with darker eyes giving an un-natural look.

This three colored contact lenses version is available almost everywhere on the market.

This one is opaque as well with some hazel near the pupil area.

Natural Blue Contacts

Natural blue color can be achieved in two ways. For lighter colored eyes, using translucent lenses to achieve a double toned eye color is one possibility. For instance, you can add a translucent blue lens to hazel eyes. Or you can bypass all that and buy an opaque lens with multiple color tones. Choosing blue color contact lenses with a hazel interior will give your eyes that special glow. Be sure to select lenses with detailed natural iris markings for the best results.

Can you notice that the color has kind of brightness in it when it is exposed to light? These are special contacts which make for a wonderful makeover.

These contacts are soothing which are usually worn for special night makeup.

These ones have dark tone as well as some depth.

Artsy Contacts

Artsy blue color contact lenses either have minimal iris markings or artsy ones. For instance, the iris markings will be dotted, or will have floral patterns. With Halloween around the corner, they are the perfect choice. Some of these lenses are completely opaque even where the iris lies. Some glow in the dark. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Going for a bright vibrant aqua is a good way to go with this style, if you’re starting out. Just be sure the vibrant eye colors are safe for your eyes to wear.

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They may have some family colors besides other shades like magenta, violet or pink.

They are designed along with dark color around the central areas of the lenses.

These ones are natural.

They may be quote expensive for having several shades at once because they are designed using special techniques for the customers.


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