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How to Make Your Winter Outfit Look with Colored Contacts

So you’ve finally found the perfect dress for your winter formal. It’s long, it’s shimmering and it fits you like a royal blue glove. There’s only one hitch– the color of the fabric makes your eyes look like mud. Since your date is going to be staring into those baby browns all night long, this presents a bit of a problem. So what do you do? Do you try to find the dress in a different color? Do you look for a miracle eye shadow that will make those peepers pop? Well, here’s a thought –why not just change the color of your eyes themselves?

By using colored contacts to turn your eyes into a striking shade of amber or ocean, you can create a striking new look that brings out the best in both your dress and your beautiful face. Here’s a guide on what color combinations you should use to really make that outfit pop.

Warm Colors

Warmer-colored fabrics like reds and oranges can either heated up or cooled down by your eyes. To give your look a fiery energy, pick up a pair of gold or hazel colored contact lenses. Highlight these with purple or earthy red eye shadow. If you’d prefer to create a cooler contrast instead, the don a pair of blue or aqua lenses and make them pop with gold or pink eye shadow.

Bright Pastels

Bright colors like pastel yellow and pink demand equally vibrant eyes.  Deep blue or emerald colored contact lenses are excellent choices here, because they create a contrast that compliments – rather than washes out – your dress. Compliment the deep hues with a pale or earthy eye-shadow and your date won’t be able to keep their eyes off yours.

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Cool Colors

When wearing cooler colors like purple or ocean blue, brighter eyes are always better. Make your dress pop with golden or hazel colored contact lenses and a pastel eye shadow. If you’re wearing a lighter shade of blue or green, you might also want to consider wearing blue lenses. Avoid combining deep blue eyes with deep blue fabrics, though, as this will make you look muddled and washed-out.

Neutral Shades

If your dress is black, grey or white, then the world is your oyster. Pick any color of contacts you like – from golden to orange to lilac to deep sea blue. Since your eyes will be the most colorful component of your ensemble, don’t be afraid to go bold. Any range of eye shadows will work with these lenses, so pick any color that tickles your fancy.

Colored contacts can drastically change your winter formal look. They can heat your outfit up, they can cool it down or they can simply make it seem more vibrant than it already is. So if you’re looking for an easy way to stand out from the crowd on your big night, pick up a new pair of lenses today. If you use this guide to match your colors correctly, nobody will be able to take their eyes off of yours.

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