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Ivanka Trump’s Green Eyes Look Like Colored Contacts

Remember when we reported that Ivanka Trump was inspiring a slew of plastic surgery procedures in China? Well, it turns out that while the world was admiring the First Daughter’s features, they seemed to have missed a mysteriously evolving element of her look: her eye color.

That’s right: Trump is a big fan of switching up her eye color (rather frequently, we might add), and we’ve got the photographic evidence. (H/T to Refinery 29 for pointing out this gem of a discovery, by the way.) Scrolling through Getty, there are tons of snapshots of the designer with deep, sultry brown eyes, but then randomly, you’ll land upon a photo of Trump with a set of vivid green eyes. Magic? We think not. And it’s most definitely not a trick of the light either.

What could it be, though? Colored contact lenses, of course. At least, that’s what we’re assuming. (We reached out to Trump’s spokesperson for a statement, but they’ve yet to return our request as of press time.) Think about it: the First Daughter appears with her presumably natural brown hue, and then sometimes even hours later, steps out with bright green eyes. Fishy, no? As Esquire pointed out during the Republication National Convention last November, Trump’s eye color switched twice in 24 hours.

Color contacts or not, if the First Daughter desires to change her appearance with lighter-colored eyes, then so be it. That’s not something for us to judge her for. As for her decisions made on behalf of the free world? Absolutely.

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