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Halloween Contacts: The Key To Visually Striking Looks

Halloween contacts are a simple and outrageous way to go wild. They can be used to bring immediate attention to your eyes or your entire costume. It’s as if they immediately transform you into the particular character you’ve decided to morph into for one wicked night if the year. You can even take your favorite pair and extend their use by using them for fantasy makeup looks, like fairy festivals, fun parties and plays. You can use them to create instant magic.

Wearing Non-Prescription Contacts


Halloween contacts are different from regular contact lenses because they are designed to create an effect, not simply correct your vision. However, you can get prescription ones in a novelty form. The purpose of these types of contacts are to add character, depth and a specific type of color or design to your eyes.

It’s all about style. There are so many to choose from that it helps to determine in advance what you are trying to portray in terms of fantasy makeup looks and then narrow it down from there. While it’s always fun to enhance a look – bright on bright – to really look amazing deliver the unexpected element. It will entrance others to look again.

Best Halloween Contact Lenses

Here are some top picks for adding pop to your peepers and adding style to your look. You can opt for a specific color or go totally wild with unique special effects:

Crazy Contacts

Novelty Contacts

Wild Contacts

Black Contacts

White Contacts

Red Contacts

Yellow Contacts – These are a vampire’s delight. Wear them day or night for subtle looks or buy a bold pair that looks slightly demonic.

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Cat Eye Contacts – When it’s cat eye makeup you’re doing these really top off the look. Or, pop in a pair the next time you do face painting.

What’s really amazing is all the options you have for any fantasy makeup look you can think of such as yellow cat eyes, solid black eyes like a demon, white glowing eyes like an angel or fairy, green eyes like a witch, and solid white eyes to make it look like you might just be a zombie. They even come in detailed designs to make your eyes look like they have spider webs in them, swirls, lines, patterns, and just about anything you can think of. These contacts can go with just about every costume you decide to wear to help get you into full character.


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Cheap Contacts For Halloween

Okay, now this may be the best part: They’re not expensive at all and might just cost less than your costume. They usually run between $20 and $30 per pair. Plus, they can be they can be reused over and over again if you clean them after using them with a good saline solution.

When your night of midnight magic comes to a close remember to keep your special effects makers clean and in their container because you just might find yourself wanting to pair them up for Mardi Gras makeup looks.

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Try not to spook too many people out with your wild and crazy colored contact lenses!

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