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Why Halloween Contacts and Where To Buy Cheap Non Prescription Halloween Contacts

Halloween contact lenses can add to your festival costume to make you look stunning. In this article, find cheap Halloween contacts, nonprescription and prescription contacts and cheap Halloween lenses. Also, find out where to buy scary contacts, white contacts, black contacts and other discount costume colored lenses below.

Most Halloween costume lenses are special effects lenses. They will include a wide array of types of colored contact lenses that can be work as part of a costume for festivals and parties. Of importance to note is that these lenses are circle lenses, or novelty lenses and are worn for cosmetic and theatrical reasons and uses only.

People with eye problems may not wear plano Halloween contacts. They are advised to go for prescription toric contact lenses for their costume purposes.

Halloween contact lenses are just a type of color contact lenses and can be used whether you wear your eyeglasses or not.  Also called FX contacts, these lenses do not have any visual correction power. They are sometimes called crazy contact lenses, or 0.00 lenses. When buying these contact lenses, you choose between prescription ones and without prescription lenses.

Prescription Halloween Contacts – Safe Costume Lenses

Prescription Halloween contact lenses are safe to use and pose no or very little risk to your eyes. The FDA recommends that you buy prescription contact lenses whether or not you suffer from astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Since all types of contact lenses, including opaques are classified as medical devices, you must obtain a prescription from an eye doctor in order to get prescription Halloween lenses. The novelty costume lenses you will get with an eye doctor’s prescription are safe to wear and do not pose the side effects, risks or dangers that may come with nonprescription ones discussed below.

Generally, prescription contact lenses cost higher than no prescription costume lenses. You will need to see an eye doctor before you can buy the devices for your costume. In the end though, you will prevent risks such as eye infections, scratched eyes, discomfort and many others. Another disadvantage of prescription ones is that you may not find as many varieties of lenses as you would with no prescription.

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Nonprescription Halloween Contacts

Without prescription or non-prescription Halloween lenses come in many different colors and styles. They may include the following.

  • All black contact lenses
  • Whiteout or no pupil white contacts for Halloween
  • Big eye or circle lenses
  • Zombie lenses
  • Red contact lenses
  • Pink UV lenses, and many others.

Such contacts are also used in movies as theatrical or special effects contact lenses. You can wear them as part of your Halloween costume especially when you want to have scary eyes. The downside of most of the non-prescription contact lenses is that they are sold without an eye doctor’s examination and recommendation. Since there is nothing like one-size-fits-all when it comes to these medical devices, you are likely to end up exposing your eyes to risks.

However, the advantages of these types of special effects color contact lenses are as follows:

  • They are cheap Halloween color contacts. It is easy to find many online outlets selling these contacts for cheap, with others offering discount Halloween contact lenses
  • You can find them easily since there are a multitude places where you can buy Halloween color contacts online.

Costume Halloween Contacts for party Halloween

There are quite many different types of costume lenses. You can wear Halloween eye contacts with other costumes, including party lipsticks and even nail polishes that will be appropriate for the festival.

Companies such as Freshlooks, ColorVue, Bosch + Lomb, CooperVision, Edit and many others produce only prescription scary Halloween eye contacts. Here are some of the most commonly used party and festival lenses for the occasion.

White Halloween Contacts

White eye contacts for Halloween come in different types and are used to produce a scary effect. You have seen these in horror movies, with most of them being used to produce a vampire effect. White conact lenses may be scleral or non-scleral. Scleral means that they cover the entire eye, making it produce a white-out eye effect.

White contacts can be worn specially with other white Halloween costumes such as white lipsticks and even snow white nail polish. See more on white colored contact lenses for costume.

Black Halloween Contacts

Black lenses, just like white ones, are also very popular. These ones are common in movies to create a demon-eye effect. For Halloween costume purposes, black lenses are commonly scleral and will cover the whole eye with darkness. This will create a scary eye, or a hollow eye effect.

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Scary Halloween Contacts

Scary Halloween contacts are those that create a freaking effect. Most of the contact lenses in this category are either demon eye, zombie or a type like those used in twilight movies and others such as underworld movies.

Halloween scary colored contact lenses are used for the same purpose as those used in horror movies and where such effects are required. There are various types of scary special effects contact lenses that you can choose from when it comes from scary types. These include black lenses, white eye contacts, and the following.

  • Cat eye or wolf eye contacts
  • Rainbow lenses
  • Bright yellow contacts
  • And green lenses

All these can be classified as part of the crazy contact lenses that are commonly seen during Halloween season. You can choose any of these and get them with or without prescription. However, if you are a fan of cosplay oriented contact lenses for your costume, you can opt for the naruto or cosplay contact lenses for your costume.

Price of Halloween Contacts in UK and USA – Discount Halloween Contact Lenses

So, what is the price of colored contact lenses for Halloween in the U.K and U.S.A? Where can you buy discount Halloween contact lenses? Getting dramatic color contact lenses is easy if you shop online. You can shop for cheap special effects contact lenses without prescription because this is the low-cost option. Some of these costumes are sold on Amazon and eBay.

The price or cost may differ depending on the type of special effect party contacts you are buying and the store you are buying from. For instance, black eye lenses cost between $29 and $129, same as whiteout costume lenses. The most costly ones are the full-eye lenses. However, you can buy discount Halloween contacts from several outlets offering cheap lenses and reduced prices.

Where to Buy Halloween Contact Lenses

Where can I buy Halloween contacts? You can buy Halloween lenses online, but that will depend on whether you are looking for those with a prescription or those without a doctor’s recommendation. As is required by law, you are supposed to get a copy of your eye doctor’s prescription and use it when buying decorative contact lenses. You can then buy your party lenses from an eye care professional or a specialized eye care store for contact lenses or eye accessories shop.

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The price, generally, will compare closely to normal eye enhancement colored contact lenses. However, some will be more expensive than the normal standard pricing. It is important to buy your cosmetic contact lenses from a legal and authorized outlet.

  • Avoid buying these lenses from beauty salons, street vendors, unlicensed online stores, and Halloween costume stores.
  • Ensure that you buy FDA approved Halloween lenses from a reputable store. These are likely to be very comfortable and safe to wear.
  • Wear lenses that are fitted for your eyes. The size of the contacts must be appropriate for your eyes.

Safety and Risks of Halloween Contact Lenses

When you buy contact lenses without an eye exam, you risk your eyes getting eye infections, including bacterial infections such as microbial keratosis, allergic reactions, damage to the eye tissues, scratching of the eye and many other dangers and risks. Follow the following safety standards in order to avoid eye problems with your Halloween costume contact lenses.

  • Always follow your doctor’s suggestions on how to care for your costume contacts.
  • Learn how to wear colored contact lenses and how to remove them safely.
  • Do not share your contact lenses with anyone else since it can cause eye infection and even pose the danger of loss of vision.
  • Avoid wearing your crazy lenses
  • In case of eye redness, pus discharge from eyes, swelling or any kind of discomfort when wearing contact lenses, see your eye doctor immediately and stop using the costume lenses.

Novelty contact lenses for party can transform your looks and add to your costume. From the different types discussed above, you can opt for the best Halloween contacts that fit your desired outlook or eye color.

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