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Easy To Change Your Eye Color With Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses are a great way of changing the eyes natural color temporarily. Colored contacts will not affect the vision in any way and they can even come with diopters for people with eye sight problems. Give them a try to spice up your looks

If you are looking for a change but you only want the change to be temporary, colored contact lenses are the answer. Contact lenses don’t necessarily have to be worn by people with eye vision problems. There are contact lenses that are done especially for changing eye color, without having any kind of influence over vision.

There are three types of color tints:

visibility tints which tint the contact lenses lightly so they will be seen easier to pick them up for insertion. It is very translucent and doesn’t affect eye color

enhancement tints are a little bit darker than visibility tints and enhance the color of the eye

color tints which completely change the color of the eye

There are a lot of colors available when it comes to contact color tints. You can choose contacts that will make your eyes blue, green, gray, hazel, violet. The colored contact lenses mimic so well the iris that you can barely tell if someone is wearing contacts.
The colored contact lenses are tinted only around the iris part leaving the part that covers the pupil clear, in order to see. Since the eyes aren’t all of one size, there are different size lenses to fit almost everyone.

There are even colored contact lenses for costume parties or more extreme looks. You can get contacts that mimic the shape of cat eyes, that are colored bright red, zebra, white and so many other shapes and colors. There are glow in the dark colored lenses which give an edgy and extreme look.

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The disadvantage of colored contact lenses is that sometimes the contact can slide a little bit over the pupil, thus leading to blurry vision or the pupil could dilate more then the clear part since it is constantly shrinking or dilating according to light conditions.
There are colored contacts available for several wearings or one time wear. The one time wear contacts are designed for a special one time occasions, after which they need to be discarded.


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Most colored contacts are designed to be worn occasionally for 30 separate times.
These contact lenses are designed for cosmetic purposes only. They should only be worn occasionally and for a short period of time.
People with visual problems can also get colored contacts based on their prescription.
So if you are looking for a fun way to change your eye color, colored contacts are great and will absolutely help.

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