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Colored Contacts Ideas for Brown Eyes You Need To Know

Wearing colored contacts for darker eyes is tricky especially if incompatible colors are chosen. Brighter colors usually appear un-natural according to the lenses’ blending technique. Choosing the right company is very important to achieve the best look. Below are some color suggestions and their respective companies. These options will leave people oblivious to the fact that you’re wearing colored lenses.

Here are some of the best suggestions in all colors just in case you want to have a quick look at the available options.

Green contact lenses
Darker green contacts will work best with your dark brown eyes. Pick a brand that allows blending like FreshLook Color Blends. Color with green hues must have some darkness to merge well with your natural color or else it would make your appearance a bit overbold or overstated.

Tints of Blue
Going for pure blue contacts always gives off a non-natural look with dark brown eyes. Blue contrasts too brightly with dark brown. Blue Green contacts, however, work perfectly; the hard to blend blue is mixed with green which already works well for dark brown eyes. For this color, the blue Green Aqua set by Create Eyewear is the best choice. It uses a good blending technique with invisible inner and outer rims to make the lens color seem natural. These contacts will illuminate your eyes if you have darker features.

Caribbean Aqua contact lenses for dark brown eyes
Carribbean Aqua is a dark blue green; it does not give off an un-natural contrast with darker brown eyes.  The version by FreshLook Dimensions is perfect as the inner rim is transparent giving your eyes a two layer color. An inner brown rim formed by your original eye color and an outer dark aqua rim formed by both your original eye color and the lens color.

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Violet contact lenses for dark brown eyes

Want to be more daring? Try the violet FreshLook contacts; perfect for Halloween or just for fun. Works well for dark brown eyes.

Some natural
Natural contacts will give your brown eyes a cloudy emerald like look. The light chalky blue works better with lighter brown eyes than darker brown ones. Try Fresh Look’s Color Blend to achieve this look.

Gray with some tones

Gray does wonders with dark brown eyes. In addition to blending well, it will give your eyes the illusion of a more hazel-like color. Some good brands to try are FreshLook ColorBlends as well as Natural Touch’s Sultry Gray. If you want an even better option tryDouble gray at www.beautycategory.com . Sticking to darker grays will work best for darker brown eyes.

Brown for brown eyes

Brown lenses for brown eyes? Yes if you have really dark brown eyes and want to make them a shade lighter, then brown lenses are the solution. Your original eye color will also blend nicely with the lighter brown lenses giving them a natural look. FreshLook Color Blends has a nice light brown color if you’d like to try.

Hazelnut colors
Hazel is a safe color to pick since it’s already close to brown. You can pick hazel colors from multiple companies without worrying about compatibility. Some of the best hazel colors come from FreshLook and Acuvue.

Honey contacts
Honey lenses are tone darker than hazel. They will give dark brown eyes a more reddish brown hue. Try Freshlook Color Blends or Acuvue for their gorgeous iris pattern and proper blending techniques.

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These are also known as glow contacts, they may have different shades.

It is known as Pearl Gray contact color.

This one is known as deep hazelnut.

Tips:Different brands have different prices. Pricier lenses usually blend better with your eyes.  Some lens companies do not offer enough prescription options. So have a backup company options when choosing colored lenses.

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