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Colored Contact Lenses Seller Review: ColorLens4Less.com

When I cosplay, I normally strive for accuracy over aesthetics. One of the important pieces of a cosplay that not many people think of or do is eye color. The characters I cosplay tend to have the general blue or green eyes. While I normally wear green or blue in Dolly brand, I wanted to try some new lenses and they were about to expire.

I believe I stumbled upon the website through a cosplay friend who had posted about the site. The blue and green ones that seemed more promising were Blue 2 and Green 2. They also had images people submitted of what the lenses looked like which was pretty helpful, plus the lenses came in prescription.

The shipping time was fairly reasonable and they do provide a tracking number. I do like how the lenses came out. They are not as vibrant as the Dolly brand ones I normally used, but they were more natural looking. I think my only issue is that after a few pictures, the green isn’t as vibrant as I would have liked. They do come out in pictures, but in certain pictures I had taken, they didn’t appear very bright.

Rating: ★★★★☆/4 out of 5

– Tracking number provided.
– Lenses looked very natural.

– Green lenses aren’t as vibrant as blue lenses.

Price: $19.99 (Blue) + $19.99 (Green) + $4.50 shipping – $2.99 discount = $41.49
Time for Arrival: 13 days.

Would I order from them again? Yes. You can purchase the lenses here.

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