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Can Green Colored Contacts Work On Dark Eyes?

Many people with dark eyes never really think about going for natural colors like green because they assume that because they have dark colored eyes these kinds of possibilities are pointless. This isn’t true, because there are lots of different options you can go with when you have dark eyes.

There are many brands of colored contacts out there that will do great for turning your brown eyes into green. You can choose from other colors as well, but one of the biggest questions I see is if you have dark brown eyes, if you can get a natural look with colored contacts like green or blue.

It’s true that dark eyes do not take to natural tinted colored contacts as well as people with already lighter eyes like light brown or even blue or green. Some people with green or blue eyes sometimes like to be able to switch it up, for whatever reason. Most of the people who use colored contacts either have darker colored eyes, or lighter eyed people will use them during Halloween but those are typically the costume and theatrical types of contact lenses.

One important thing to do is find out from the manufacturer if their contacts will work on dark eyes. Some of the different brands work better on dark eyes so just look through their FAQ, or more importantly and usually more telling, the customer testimonials. Many times customers who buy them will tell you right there if they worked and you will usually find someone talking about dark eyes and how well it worked.

If you can’t find any information on if the manufacturer says that their contact lenses will work on your colored eyes, then there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just find another retailer who can sell them, and guarantee that you will be happy.

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If you find some green contacts and they don’t do what you expected, you can always find costume or theatrical contacts that will do better because they don’t just tint your color, but they completely cover it and it makes a big difference.

The good news is that even if you have dark eyes you can still get green contact lenses that will do the job!

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