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Black Contacts and Violet Contacts Are Fun to Wear

In the past, most people were aware of contacts only for people who had vision problems. If you did not have any vision problems, there was no reason for you to wear contact lenses. Of course, if you wear glasses, you had an option to wear contacts. Some people chose to wear contacts because they had jobs where you couldn’t wear glasses. For example, laboratory jobs where you were wearing goggles frequently. Over time, contacts became something that people with or without glasses were wearing. They were not for correcting vision. They were for cosmetic reasons only. Of course, we’re talking about color contacts.

Since they were introduced to the market 30 years ago, more and more people are finding that they are exactly what they were looking for. If you needed revision corrected, you had the color contact option. At first, they were only for natural looking eye colors. However, in the past 10 years, they have changed dramatically. You can get them in natural looking versions or you can go completely wild. You can even have special designs or logos printed directly on the lens. You can choose to wear them one time or many times. You can get them to look like a cat or a vampire or to support your local sports team.

If you’re looking for something like purple eye contacts, you’ll find that there are a few options to choose from. First of all, you can get contacts that give you Elizabeth Taylor violet eyes. This would be a more natural option and would probably be a semi translucent or translucent option. This would depend upon your natural eye color. If you have very dark eyes, they might not work. You can also get opaque contacts in a purple shade. These would completely cover your old color. You can get them for something crazy looking or have other designs directly printed into them.

If you buy black contact lenses, you’ll find that there are not any semi translucent or translucent options. After all, they are contacts for making your eyes look black. If your old eye color showed up, they would not do their job well. These are very popular contacts for the alien, vampire, and other anime characters. No matter what you decide to choose, it is important to realize that you will need a prescription to have them fitted. This means a quick and inexpensive visit to an ophthalmologist or optometrists. They will measure your eyes in order to get the correct fit for whatever color contacts you choose.