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Black Colored Contacts For a Scary Look

If you smartly choose the right option of putting on different colored contact lenses, you can simply create an impression on others without even speaking a single word. Among fashionable lenses black colored lenses are the rage.

Black as well as violet contact lenses create a very interesting as well as unique effect. If you want to give a perfect Gothic look to yourself and want to make a bold style statement, there can be no better alternative than wearing a pair of black colored contacts. Everyone loves to sport these lenses in fancy dress competitions or Halloween parties to add that oomph factor to their ghost or zombie makeover. Black lenses can help you look scary and believable as well.

The black tint has a great advantage as compared to others. Black colored contact lenses are clearly visible and this helps you to distinguish them while placing or removing these from your eyes. Being dark in color, if you happen to look for them, you will certainly spot them easily. Generally these lenses do not have any adverse affects on your eye color or the eyesight. Being opaque, these lenses totally make your eyes look black without causing haziness. When this ultra-light contact lens is placed over the iris, it totally masks your eye color and allows the dark color to take over.

Black colored contact lenses rank as one of the scariest contacts. Pitch black mirrored lenses got into fashion with Vin Diesel in the Hollywood movie Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black. Wearing a pair of these black mirrored contacts would simply make you look scary, to say the least. Dark colored contacts are so much in vogue, especially among moviemakers dealing with vampire themes. Vin Diesel was unparalleled in Pitch Black wearing black contacts. His suave and killer look created a style statement worldwide.


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Black colored contacts along with Violet Contact Lenses are available in different stores in plethora designs and prices. Ordering black lenses online can be easy and may fetch you with a very good discount. Black sclera contacts cover the entire eye, where no white is left to see and these are the most expensive ones. Buying costume contact lenses online may get you a discount up to seventy percent.