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Lip Augmentation Can Enhance Appearance as Well as Improve Self Esteem

As individuals age, the skin everywhere becomes thinner and less pliable. This leads to a lack of fullness in the face and body, and especially in some individuals in the lips. Individuals who already have thin lips can find that their lips become so thin they are hardly noticeable, and it does affect the entire appearance of their face. Some individuals seek out lip augmentation early in life if their lips are very thin naturally to even prevent any type of thinning from becoming noticeable.   Lip injections are a much preferred choice of individuals as its simple and quick, and a product called Volbella is generally used as an injection. Not only can lip augmentation enhance appearance but it can boost self esteem if an individual has lips that they are very unhappy with.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) does estimate that lip augmentation is the second fastest growing type of cosmetic procedure in the United States. Full lips are very much in demand now as societal changes have made this a much more acceptable look especially for females than thinner, less plump looking lips. However, it is a cosmetic procedure and should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. An initial consultation should be arranged, research into the plastic surgeon’s credentials done, a good history of successful lip augmentation required and researched, types of products discussed, and what the overall outcome will be.  Although there is very little downtime with injectable lip augmentations, there are overall risks, and these do need to be assessed. Certain medical conditions such as the use of blood thinners, and other diseases such as a predisposition to cold sores can make a good plastic surgeon hesitant to even use injectable fillers.

After lip augmentation, a good result is a fuller, but not too full lip, that is pliable and soft. Hardened lip tissue, and lumps are a sign that all did not go well, and while all plastic surgery can be reversed, it is not an easy procedure to reverse any cosmetic surgery. Reversal of botched lip augmentation can also be costly and time consuming. Some overseas and uncertified practitioners of lip augmentation, while a cheaper alternative, can use materials such as silicone and other unknown materials that leave an individual with scarring and a bad overall cosmetic effect. This type of lip augmentation is almost always impossible to remove and correct for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Botched lip augmentation however that is just an injectable is a simple two process procedure where another chemical is injected to dissolve the augmentation filler material, and then a patient returns to have another type of injectable tried to see if the results are better.

While not all that risky, bleeding and swelling can occur even with good lip filler augmentations, and although the discomfort is minimal, the effects can really only last three to six months. Add to that the cost which may be upwards of $500.00 “per syringe”, and some individuals do choose other options or more permanent solutions. A good plastic surgeon will also discuss why someone is seeking lip augmentation, since some psychological conditions do make individuals seek out procedures they don’t really need or want, and some individuals undergo cosmetic surgery in order to please someone else. These outcomes are never good as the individual undergoing the surgery in these cases generally are never really happy with the outcomes.

While injections are the most common type of lip augmentation other solutions include Fat Grafting Procedures, where a donor site is used to remove a person’s own fat and this fat is then injected into the lips for the augmentation. The Fat Grafting can be more expensive but give a very pliable, pretty looking natural effect and many individuals do choose this option. It also can last longer than the mere chemical fillers and it’s a person’s own fat, so no allergic reactions are really apparent or expected. It’s used on other parts of the body too, but lips are greatly enhanced by this now also.

There are also newer procedures now using permanent implants that are placed surgically into the lip and even though permanent, are easy to remove if the results are not what the patient wanted or expected. Overall, the choice of injectables for lip augmentation or a more permanent solution is up to the individual and what their desired outcome will be. Simple fullness is best done with injectables, while individuals seeking to change the entire shape of their mouth would very well be more satisfied with the permanent lip implant surgeries.

Choices must be made, and research done, as everything does have risks and consumers must take this into consideration when seeking any type of cosmetic procedure, even lip augmentation.


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