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Free Disposable Contact Lenses 1 Box

Free Disposable Contact Lenses 1 Box.

Best for Monthly / Bi-Weekly Use

Shipping Cost: US$6/ Each Box

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Product Info:

Aquamax Contact Lens/ Monthly / Bi-Weekly
Materials : Etafilcon A
Use Period : One Month  / 1 ~ 2 Weeks
Diameter : 14.00 MM / 14.20 MM
Center Thickness : 0.08 MM @-3.00
Base Curve B.C : 8.60 MM
Power Range : 0.00 to -6.00 diopter at 0.25 increment
-6.00 to -10.00 diopter at 0.50 increment
Refractive Index : 1.402
Transparency : >95%
UV Protection : Yes
Color : Water Blue, but no a color contact lenses
Package : 6 Lenses / Box


  • Comfortable to wear, using aspheric design for base curve and perephery – improve tear film exchange and conform wellto corneal surface.
  • Easy to fit via multi base curve design – Standing up, no curling, no sinking in, non-sticky and no foreign materials.
  • Giving broad vision with expanded optical zone – The optical zone in contact with pupil was enlarged by design.
  • New optical design – Multi-focal lens


  • New materials R & D
  • (i) – Highly oxygen permeable silicone hydrogel lens which provides better corneal health and end-of-the day of comfort.
  • (ii) – With nano-biomaterials inside and lubricants near and on the surface through proprietary process technology, lenses will have higher water retention and more moist and lubricious on lens surface. This provides lens wearers with better comfort.
  • (iii) – Anti-bacterial lens, using proprietary technology which reduce protein adsorption.
    • New product feature
    • (i) – Cosmetic lens, provide new level of beauty to lens wearer.
    • (ii) – Photochromic lens
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  • Good UV light protection through incorporation of UV blocker
  • (i) – Block UVA and UVB effectively

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