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6 Reasons to Use Organic Makeup

As with any substance, the longer it remains in contact with your body, the greater the effect of the substance. A brief chemical burn will affect you less than a lengthy one. Food also has a relatively short effect on your body – if you eat a bad piece of fish, your body will expunge it. The same idea applies to makeup, which stays on your skin for numerous hours, compounding the effects that it can have on your body.

Beneficial substances like face masks and medicinal ointments, as well as harmful substances that are not well-known ingredients can have a prolonged effect on your body. You should strive to understand the ingredients that you are leaving on your skin!

Here are six reasons why you should buy organic makeup.

  1. Dangerous Chemicals

The primary reason why people switch to organic makeup are harsh chemicals found in traditional makeup products. Allergic reactions to the contents of makeup are well chronicled yet the same offenders still appear in many makeup products. Carcinogenic chemicals such as BHA and BHT as well as endocrine-disrupting parabens are still found in makeup as preservatives. Shiny hair products can contain petroleum and cleansers can contain siloxanes. When faced with a list of ingredients that you don’t understand, its time to move away from that product. Choose natural makeup with ingredients that are easily identifiable.

  1. Trust

When faced with the decision to choose a makeup brand or product, how can you really know if it can harm you? Generally, cosmetics are a loosely regulated field, where companies are able to use most chemicals without government approval. Placing your trust in government agencies that historically do not have a great record for reacting to new research (think cigarettes and aspartame) may be a mistake, which is why you should opt for fewer chemical ingredients.

  1. Lacks Nutrients

Perhaps you don’t look at the nutrients contained in your makeup, but you could be missing out on some amazing benefits. Jill Strand, nutritionist at YesWellness, mentions that traditional chemical-laden products tend to have little or no additional health benefits to using them, but natural products can provide your body with Vitamin A, C or E, which leads to healthy, beautiful skin and hair.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Since natural beauty products do not use chemical ingredients, the result is much better for our planet. Some of the ingredients used in traditional makeup products like petroleum are a result of mining. In addition, disposal of traditional makeup can cause damage to the environment due to the chemical components of the product.

  1. Gentle Fragrance

There are an increasing number of people who are becoming allergic to chemical-based fragrances. Repeated exposure to scents coming from fragranced products can bring symptoms that mirror traditional allergies like sneezing, watery eyes, itching and shortness of breath. Often mistaken for allergies to other environmental triggers, many people do not consider makeup to be the cause of their sickness.