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What Areas Of Your Life You Can Improve That Can Help You Become A Better Candidate To Date

People rank their candidates to date on a variety of factors some of which being physical and others being life choices a person has made. Nobody wants to date someone that has no career or cut ties with their family for frivolous reasons. You can work on yourself to make you a better candidate to date to a majority of people. People that are constantly improving their lives in one area or another are extremely attractive to potential romantic interests. The following areas can make you climb up the draft board of guys/girls would pick first to date if improved.

Take Charge Of Your Career

People that have it together as far as their career goes are far more attractive. People that are constantly in career flux can be very stressful to date as it seems like they are always starting a new job. Take the time to look for new opportunities constantly as this could be a way to advance more quickly than staying at one company that may or may not value your work. Trying to improve productivity month after month will be noticed by management. Top performers are always at the top of the list for a promotion so put passion into your career. Slacking off is not cool in the office as you should want to do the best job possible for the company or you should quit.

Start A Side Gig To Earn Extra Cash

A side hustle is always nice to supplement income and live a higher quality of life. People see this and see motivation to improve your situation which is attractive to many. This side gig can turn into your own business which allows for the freedom to work for yourself. Those that can work remotely open up possibilities of traveling around the world without sacrificing income. For other remote workers this is immensely attractive as traveling the world with a significant other is what dream are made of.

Sport A Timeless Look

Having nice tennis chains or watches are looks that are timeless if you add a button down shirt. The polo shirt in many circles is similar as it can be found at various occasions on a myriad of different people. People with eccentric style might be seen in a negative light as people can tend to project their beliefs of what that person acts based on their style. To be attractive and increase your grade in the dating game you have to be attractive to the most people possible. A 12-inch mohawk might not be the best way to cast this wide net.

Tone Up Your Body To Another Level!

The “dad bod” craze has its place and there are people attracted to this type of body. Most people do not reject a man/woman for being in too good of shape unless they want the person they date to exercise constantly. People that meet you at the beach are not going to see you for your personality but rather your physique. Take pride in your physical fitness as this can make you far more desired in the dating game.

Your Relationship With Your Family

There are plenty of people that have issues with their family which can wear on them in their dating life. Mentioning a poor relationship with a parent can be a red flag that those that are dating want to avoid. While most people will hear your reasoning but they are secretly judging you if you do not speak to anyone in your extended family. There is an exception as people that have issues with their family tend to gravitate towards those that also have these problems. Call that parent you might have trouble communicating and accept them for their flaws. Regretting not reaching out at a funeral is the type of experience that can haunt a person for life.

Being Reliable, Prompt, And Always Keep Promises

People like dating those that are prompts and can be extremely reliable. A person that can be called at any hour and is willing to come help is what many people are looking for. Being on time is good manners as being late seems to say you think your time is more important than the other person’s. Far too many people during the dating process promise things that they have no intention or are not capable of delivering on. Realistic expectations in a relationship are immensely important but by being reliable, prompt, and keeping promises is a great foundation.

Making yourself the best candidate to date possible will increase your dating options. Improving yourself is an added benefit of this as nobody should ever stop trying to improve themselves. Take the time to see what you value in someone you date and how you can mirror these qualities as well!


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