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Animal & Bird Styles: Everything you need to know about

Modern day animal jewellery designs flaunt solid totems properties. In forelock, there was a strong belief that the divine beings that directed the movement of rains and wind on the earth had both human and animal features side-by-side.

There are also several faunas species showcased alongside human paintings as part of ancient cave artwork. Similarly, in cavern sketches, there is evidence of several paintings with creatures that have animal heads and human bodies.

Even though in the mainstream such creatures might just be disregarded as a myth but there is a big population of art lovers who like to wear jewellery, which depicts this half-animal-half-man concept.

So If you are someone who likes to wear jewellery, rings and pendants which depicts this concept then here’s your guide to understanding your jewellery better.

Each bird and animal has a certain trait and characteristic associated with it and if your vibe matches with that of the creature then you can go in for the jewellery which is crafted in a way which signifies the creature.


A swan signifies love and adoration, and someone who wears swan jewelry is seen as loyal and generous.

The crow is a symbol of insight and power. Though as a stereotype there are people who identify this bird with an evil connotation but that is just a myth. Since time immemorial, the black wing birds have been an embodiment of life experience as well as a wise mind. Usually, folks who you can ask for advice or guidance wear the crow jewelry.

An owl is an image of a well-created intuition and its well accepted that owls mean hyper vision, the capacity to foresee the future and glance through time. If you picked owl gems subliminally, it implies that you have extrasensory capacities. If you haven’t yet developed these superpowers, then you can indeedwork to build up this amazing ability.

A swallow exemplifies the clearness of the picked course and the earnestness towards ones goals, so an individual who wears swallow silver gems will absolutely accomplish his or her aim. They are seen to be strong-willed and with a one pointed determination towards achieving their objectives.

Pigeon, the alleged harmony winged creature, is a standout amongst the most prominent carnal themes in gems. This winged animal symbolizes a solid kinship, submission, and unadulterated goals.

Gems including a falcon will suit autonomous and free-vivacious people. Since birds are quick, savage, and tough, individuals who endeavor to be the equivalent frequently pick them as totems. It’s no wonder then that falcon jewelry is very popular amongst the biker fraternity.


Tiger is an animal that is synonymous with quality, strength, and valor. Tiger rings are a popular accessory, which carries the tiger’s energy and demeanor. They usually come with a strong embellishment, which includes the finished markings of the glaring gaze of his look and the growled teeth held around a cleaned ring.  The tiger also exudes a sense of evident certainty and confidence, which allows the accessory to make a bold statement.

In western precepts, it’s interesting how the charming rat symbolizes burglary while it signifies genuineness and flourishing in the east. So while purchasing a ring or a pendant, which exhibits a mouse, consider which cultural theory you have more affinity towards, the western or the eastern, and set your style.

Cat jewellery is popular amongst jewellery lovers and they usually go in for a ring, pendant, brooch or necklace as a part of their ornamentation. The cat jewelry is not only supposed to protect the wearer from envious looks but also draws out the protective properties of the creature for its owner.

The horse represents creativity, and hence it’s the preferred choice of jewellery people who see themselves as creative individuals. In the east, the horse is symbolic with a creature, which assists anyone who needs helps, and at the same time it is said to protect the owner from evil spirits.

The majestic elephant is said to enhance the strength of the mind, increase happiness, as well as compassion for our fellow beings. In some cultures, it is also believed that the elephant absorbs the desires of men and women.

Folks who have a supersensitive observation usually wear dog jewelry. It also depicts someone who is very protective and has a guardian like qualities. It is also believed that if you wear these negative thoughts and energies won’t come anywhere near to you.

With so many meanings and connotations for the various bird and animals, you can pick and choose the one, which aligns best with your personality, and then have jewelry customized to express yourself in style.


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