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Sahar Tabar underwent… In Order To Look Like Angelina Jolie

The 22-year-old’s Instagram account went viral last week after snaps emerged of her distinctive appearance, with gaunt cheekbones and a drastically upturned nose.

Photos have now revealed what she looked like before she went under the knife, with Sahar showing off girl-next-door good looks with her brown bob and brown eyes.

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The 22-year-old’s appearance has changed dramatically in her quest to look like Angelina. Photo Instagram

According to Belgian media and reported by the Daily Mail, Sahar claims her goal is to look like the Hollywood star, and it’s seen her lose nearly 40 kilograms in the process.

While some have expressed concern about her appearance, others speculate Sahar might be using Photoshop or prosthetics to achieve her look.

Sahar looked like any normal girl before going under the knife. Photo: Instagram

Sahar snaps also show her with bandages on her nose, suggesting she’s gone under the knife. Photo: Instagram

Sahar has left some Instagram fans worried about her surgery obsession. Photo: Instagram

However with some photos showing Sahar with bandages on her nose, if her appearance is due to plastic surgery, experts say she’s gone too far.

“The nose is obviously distorted from having at least one too many rhinoplasties,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Newsweek.

Sahar claims it’s her dream to look like Angelina Jolie. Photo: Instagram/Getty

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Some online critics have commented on her ‘zombie-like’ appearance. Photo: Instagram

“There is probably a silicone implant to give tip and bridge support.”

Dr Salzhauer has not treated Sabar, but also claims her “lips look overfilled with filler”.


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