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An Affordable Line of Luxurious Cosmetics

LaMonique Cosmetics is an american based cosmetics company. Their cosmetics line has an alluring array of products that will have you looking like a celebrity, but won’t have your pockets screaming at the price tag.

What’s even more satisfying is all of the products are paraben, gluten and cruelty free. LaMonique Cosmetics mineral based products consists of natural pigments, freeze dried vitamins A, E & D along with soothing lavender based aromatherapy.
Since mineral makeup binds to oils not water this gives the makeup a natural water resistance and is much better for your skin than conventional cosmetics. The use of titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral) is used as in most mineral products, it’s also an excellent SPF.

Mineral based products are actually suitable for those with problematic skin and since all of the products are gluten free they are also safe for those that suffer from Celiac Disease. LaMonique Cosmetics does not contain any talc, artificial dyes or alcohol. The lipsticks and glosses are super moisturizing.

The mineral gems come in vibrant colors and are so safe they can also be applied to the lips to match with your mineral eyeshadow color. The natural mineral pigments in the powder foundations help to give full coverage leaving a sheer and natural look. The Unicorn Sparkles give off so much shine, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t one ounce of glitter in this product.

It’s made with an interference light reflecting mineral similar to the highlighters but with a touch of pizazz! Although the color range of foundations may be a bit limited LaMonique Cosmetics is an all inclusive company. The products will bring out the best features on any skin tone.

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LaMonique Cosmetics is definitely a company to look out for. Try them out and see for yourself!