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Is it legal to have sex in public? We ask police after BBC drama Apple Tree Yard romps

BBC One’s latest hit drama is making headlines over a number of steamy scenes showing the lead characters romping in public.

Psychological thriller Apple Tree Yard tells the tale of a successful geneticist’s steamy affair with an unnamed mysterious civil servant.

Viewers have watched the passionate pair get down to business in public places around London – including alleyways and even in a broom cupboard in Westminster.

Many viewers have joked on social media that they’ve been inspired to have their own public sex sessions – but what does the law say?

Hull Daily Mail asked Humberside Police what would happen if a pair were ‘caught in the act’ in a public place.

Police said that circumstances would dictate whether or not officers would take action.

A spokesman said: “There are a number of factors to be considered in such circumstances which would inform any possible identified action.

“However, our priority is always to provide a safe environment for all members of the community while dealing sensitively with the issue.”

So, depending on circumstances there may be no action at all – or people caught could face prosecution.

Crimes they could be charged with include anything from indecent exposure, public lewdness and gross indecency.

People caught may also be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or for outraging public decency.


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