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Nail polish vs. gel polish – which one is better and how to make them last longer

The things that last are the most desirable. And a manicure on fleek is no exception. Of course, there are worse things in the world, but the moment when nail polish pops off seems like the end of it. I know, I know, drama queen. But if it ever happened to you, you certainly know what I’m talking about and you feel me. Finally, in order not to experience this unpleasant sensation again, I have prepared some tips for you. All approved by experts. While avoiding dishwashing seems like the most intuitive thing you can do to have a sturdy manicure, there are a few more valuable tips to keep that nail polish where it belongs. Get familiar with the tips and tricks and give the mani some staying power.

5 tricks to make nail polish last longer

  1. Don’t soak. When your nails are soaked in water, they expand. If you have to wash the dishes, use the dishwasher. Not only it will save your manicure, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly option, using less water than traditional washing. If you do not have a dishwasher, make sure you use gloves when washing the dishes. It is also recommended to avoid long and hot baths. Short warm to cold showers will make your nail polish last longer and also set your blood circulation in motion (double win situation). These being said, just avoid soaking. It distorts and widens the nails’ shape, and when you paint polish over the nail and it dries, your polish is prone to chip prematurely. Sure, a good soak can help soften the coarser skin on your feet, but is not necessary for the more delicate skin on your fingertips.


  1. Let your polish fully set. Nail polish usually takes around 10 minutes to dry. Whether you want to call your best friend for a life update (hmmm when did the last one happened, an hour ago?), you want to dig into your bag for the hand cream, peel an orange or whatever, abort the mission! No matter how unfamiliar it may be for you to sit still and rest completely, but make sure you do it for at least 10 minutes. Otherwise, you’re met with smudged fingertips and is not worth the time, nerves and effort. And if you just can’t bear the 10-minute window, try the next hack to help your nail polish dry faster.


  1. Dry with cool air. If you’re the kind of energetic person who can’t stand still, you can rely on a dryer to help speed the dry time, be it a fan (electric or paper). You can use a hairdryer too, with the mention to keep the setting on cool. Heat can cause the nail polish to bubble, which makes it easier for it to chip down the line. Plus, cold air actually works faster, and it won’t dry out the surrounding skin.


  1. Use a chip-resisting top coat. You might be familiar with the patent-leather finish the top coats provide, but they do way more than that. Make sure you choose a qualitative top coat, which not only gives a shiny finish to your manicure, but is also a chip-resistant lacquer and it’ll keep your nail polish from peeling over time. Better yet, you might want to touch up the top coat after a few days—the nail polish can start to wear off after some time, which leaves the pigment vulnerable to chips.


  1. Use nourishing, conditioning polishes. It is fine to be interested in aesthetics, but besides how your nails look, you should also pay attention to how your nails feel. When your nails are weak and brittle, your nail polish will chip easier. So make sure you check the label of the products before buying them. Say yes to nourishing, moisturizing ingredients and avoid formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, and other drying chemicals.

1 trick to make gel polish last longer

Invest on gel nail kits. Gel nail kits may not be cheap, but give you the convenience of enjoying professional quality nails done at home, in your own comfort, with no need to go to the salon when you want a change. Anyway, having your own gel nail kit will save money in the long term (time and hassle also 😉) All you need is a little maintenance for the set, which makes it a great investment.


You`re welcome

If you can’t seem to last three days without a chipped mani, these tips will surely give your look some staying power. Nevertheless, you can always use gel nail polish instead of classic nail polish. Unlike general nail polish, gel nail polish is made of natural resin, with the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, health and safety. Beside these characteristics, the biggest and most desirable benefit when using gel nail polish is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Gel polish can last up to four weeks without easily chipping, breaking, or peeling. Chroma gel really is heavy-duty polish for your nails. There will also be no annoying smudges as the polish is cured under a UV light which makes the polish instantly hard. Doing nails is fun, as you can choose from a large palette of nail shapes – square, round, pointed, finishes – shiny or matte nail polish, techniques – permanent or semi permanent nail polish, colors – from crazy and vibrant shades to nude nail polish. So our friendly advice is to experiment and get creative as much as you can. In the end, the best nail polish is the one that works for you.


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