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Harry Styles kisses Olivia Wilde on romantic Italian getaway

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are living la dolce vita in Italy.

Newly released snaps of the photogenic couple show them soaking up the sun on a yacht off the Island of Giglio near Tuscany last week.

The 27-year-old Styles — and his impressive abs — could not keep his hands off Wilde, 37, slim and fit herself in a high-waisted navy-blue bathing suit.

While on the boat, the “Bookworm” director laid out to catch rays and do some reading, which her beau interrupted by kneeling down for a kiss.

Styles jumped off the yacht for a swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea at one point, causing his high-slitted swim trunks to billow up into Speedo territory.

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Wilde joined him for some snorkeling, and the pair removed their goggles near the coastline at one point for light conversation — and heavy PDA.

The lovebirds then went for a swim back to their boat, where Styles, post-ablutions, grabbed a camera to snap some photos of the scenery.

The boat trip took place just a day before the steamy couple was again seen getting in some yacht PDA, this time off the nearby promontory of Monte Argentario.

Earlier on in their European rendezvous, sources exclusively told Page Six that they were spotted strolling with their arms around each other in the picturesque seaside town of Porto Ercole on Monte Argentario.


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“Harry has been seen taking a break on the beach in Porto Ercole after he finished filming ‘My Policeman’ in London,” a spy told us on June 30.

Page Six broke the news in January that Styles and Wilde were dating after meeting on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling.”

Though much was made initially of WildeStyle’s 10-year age gap, the two appear serious: Wilde was snapped moving her bags from her home with ex Jason Sudeikis and into Styles’ place in February.

Reps for Styles and Wilde did not immediately return our requests for comment.