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The strongest evidence yet that Kim Jong Un is a body double

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was once filmed chatting to two identically dressed lookalikes — escalating wild conspiracies that a body double was recently used to claim he is alive and well.

Footage from July 2017 discovered by the Sun shows the Hermit Kingdom’s leader with the doppelgangers as he showed off a new missile.


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The pair appear the same height and size, with identically cut hair shaved at the back and sides, and wearing suits perfectly matching the one worn by their leader, the Sun noted.

The footage appears to strengthen rumors that Kim, 36, has long used body doubles to help ward off assassination attempts, which the International Business Times has said is a “well-known fact.”

The speculation heightened this week over images of Kim as he appeared at a ribbon-cutting function to dispel reports that he was seriously sick or even dead.

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Web sleuths claimed there were clear discrepancies in facial, hairline and dental features when compared with previous appearances.

Others, however, say the comparison photos that went viral may have been doctored to push the conspiracy idea.

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