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How To Choose The Perfect Wig For Your Face Shape?

The term beauty has evolved a lot in the recent decades. Today, various artificial products are used by individuals to enhance their natural features or even change them from time to time as well. Out of all, the hardest part to change is your hair. It takes forever to grow so you can’t keep changing hairstyles everyday as it would become impossible.

But the good thing is that, with the invention of hair wigs, you can now do so. Every day is a new day, so why not go with a new hairstyle? Wigs provide you with the luxury of changing your hairstyle without actually messing up your natural hair. You can customize and style your hair according to your personal preferences and the outfit that you wish to glam for the day.

Although, it seems simple and straight forward but choosing the perfect wig isn’t that easy. You might like every item displayed in the shop but that doesn’t mean that all of those wigs would look good on you. In order to find the perfect ones, you need to identify the type of face shape that you have and which hairstyles would look good on you.


Different Face Shaped and Best Suited Hairstyles

If you have no idea or have no prior experience shopping for the perfect wig based on your face shape then you have come to right spot. Today in this article we are going to be looking at various face shapes and the wigs that would be best suited for them. So let us go ahead and jump right into it.

1.      Oval Shaped Face

If you feel like your face looks balanced and every aspect of it is equally proportioned on both sides then that means you have an oval shaped face. In such as case almost all the off face transparent lace wigs will suit you best. But do avoid hairstyles with heavy bangs which are more forward directed as they might add additional weight to your face. Shoulder length flip or the long wavy hairstyles along with an A-line bob are the best options.

2.      Round Shaped Face

If you have chubby cheeks, a round jawline and it seems as if the length and width of your face are the same then you definitely have a round shaped face. Short wigs or shoulder length would be best suited for your face shape. You can try out one sided wavy pony tail or a shoulder length layered hairstyle to bring out your eyes. And avoid getting your hands on a bob with bangs as they would not do justice to your face.

3.      Square Shaped Face

If you forehead and jawline seem to be the same length and you have a square chin then you definitely have a square face. Short and medium length wigs would be the best choices for you. You want something that would elongate your face a bit such as wigs with high crowns or something that adds a more round shape to your face such as a chin length bob cut or layered hairstyle with bangs. You should avoid sleek pony tails and jaw length bob cut as it would make your face look extra wide.

4.      Heart Shaped Face

If you have wide cheeks bones and forehead but a narrow and pointy jaw then you definitely have a heart shaped face. The best choices for you are longer wigs or chin length wigs with hairstyles that add volume to your face in the right places. You can go with side curly bangs, wigs with flicks or even kinky curly as well. But make sure to avoid extra short bob cuts or blunt bangs or a pixie style.

5.      Diamond Shaped Face

If your cheek bones are the widest part on your face and you have a narrow chin then you have a diamond shaped face. The good thing about this face shape is that you can go with almost any type of hairstyles for your wigs as they would all flatter your face but do avoid extra short wigs such as a pixie, big bouffant and etc.

Final Words

Everyone has a different face shape, but if you give it a closer look, you will find it being similar to one of the shapes mentioned above. You know your face the best and you know what suits you and what doesn’t even if you think you don’t. You will automatically know whether a wig is a perfect fit for you or not once your try it on.

So when you go wig shopping, make sure to get the right one for your face shape to highlight your natural features and help bring more attention to it. Other than that, go wild as there are endless options out there.



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