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Swag with an iconic Texture

From being a Talent Manger to the busy world of business Elijah sommerz has a very versatile style that is unique, unorthodox with the highest Denomination of swag, He’s style is one that is iconic and one that very few can implement.

 Elijah sommerz has a shocking twist to the way he wears selected outfits, he’s love for clothing is beyond any norm he has reportedly bought over 1,100 scarfs & over 900 plus -sneakers.

Being an individual inspired by Paris he’s wardrobe selection is very colorful with different textures of style he is a designer  he is definitely a man who appreciates fashion below we will outline some of he’s favorite wardrobe selections and brands and biography. 

What word would describe Elijah Sommerz style? In short: easy, simple with a large EXPLATNATION.



 Your style is endorsed by who you are as a person so……. in my personal opinion those who are not afraid to try new things/wear are the ones to whom are   the cultivators of style in my era”

 Below will be Elijah sommerz favorite selected clothing that he made a full wardrobe out of below in metric list form. 

Wardrobe selection # 1)


Snap back by Supreme


Dolce & Gabbana White Logo T-shirt Short sleeve cotton jersey t-shirt in white. Rib knit crewneck collar. Embroidered logo in black at chest. Supplier color: White 100% cotton. Made in Italy.


Five-pocket skinny jeans with zip pockets at the hips and BALMAIN logo at back pocket.

·         98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

·         Zipper, button closure

·         Made in Italy


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black (Non-Reflective)

Wardrobe selection # 2) 


Plain white – 2-pack Polo Shirts


Off white SLIM LOW CROTCH JEANS Denim 5 Pockets Slim-fit stretch cotton gabardine trousers in medium blue wash denim.


Christian Louboutin

Custom metal studded spikes casual shoes red bottoms for men high top sneakers


Two Tone on tone belt fastening with “BELT” text print. Reading Off-White™.  

Wardrobe selection #3)


Lacoste Men’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck Pima Cotton Jersey T-Shirt


Off-white Skinny Built-In Flex -Fade Jeans For Men

They’re seriously stylish, thanks to that rock star-worthy skinny fit. But they’re also classically comfortable — courtesy of Built-In Flex stretch — so you can bust a move without busting anything else.


Nike air minot. Year released: 199 


Rolex Date just reference 126334 is priced from $6,300 with the steel bezel and from $9,350 with the 18k white gold bezel. Depending on your dial, bracelet, and diamond choices, they can go up from there (For more information on price range of Elijah sommerz Date just 41, visit his jeweller website online. [REF]-> https://bit.ly/36xOvHd

Elijah sommerz wears two types of chain typically like, Miami Cuban Link Chain is also known in Spanish as Cadena de Eslavon Cubano. Curb chain has a thinner and flatter wall. Whereas Miami Cuban link chain is round, bolder, and much thicker on both sides, unlike the curb link chain

Elijah sommerz wears different types of diamond watches, whether for men or women, feature gemstones on the bezel or dial, such as Rolex’s diamond-set watches.

The Datejust model is available in many different versions. 


1.       Roberto Cavalli

2.     Valentino.

3.     Versace. / Miguel Medina

4.     Moschino.

5.     Gucci. …

6.     Fendi. …

7.     Giorgio Armani. …

8.     Prada.



Origin: Canada,

Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background

Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur & Businessman,Talent


Birth name: Robert Vernon

Born on: December 22, 1991

Labels: J stone Management group & co -2016

Present – Affirmation-Record Label -undisclosed – Joint venture Based 2019

Genres: Hip-Hop, pop/R&B music, Hard-core Rap

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.

Profession: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman,

Songwriter, Musical, Actor,


producer, Web Tech Software Engineer- http://www.jstonemgmtgroup.com/

(-Independently Owned By EQT- )

Early Life

ELIJAH SOMMERZ was born in Toronto,

Ontario on the 22nd of December, 1991, Elijah sommerz grew up in a Caribbean

background household in Toronto, Canada. 


TO DATE Elijah Sommerz is a Talent Director of j stone

Management group & co since 2016 –present Mr Robert Vernon – Elijah Sommerz ,Vernon is

currently the vice-chairman of an online streaming corporation called Worldwide

Entertainment TV WWETV – is a Global Media

Platform That works with major/mainstream as well as underground artists

throughout major cities in North America to further help them elevate there

promotion and marketing for their personal Brands as sole Artist, to Such the

platform has recently been reformed to a multi-media streaming platform.

Elijah sommerz has also furthered embarked on a career as a

Full-Time Real Estate Portfolio location Investment Investor and Entrepreneur

& businessman as well as an inspiring musician & Talent Manager




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