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BEAUTY & THE INK – Jaeden Zoe

Singer/Songwriter and Fashion muse Jaeden Zoe not only known for her curly do and glam in the fashion and beauty world she’s also known for her unique tattoos that are not hard to miss. For Many years people have the question of what do it all mean and why. Here’s what she had to say :

I think of myself as a human canvas. All my tattoos represent an emotion I felt at the time I received each one. People often say that I am ruining my model career and beauty images by putting “garbage” on me. But I definitely think my ink make me who I am and my self expression isn’t garbage. I like to stand out. At castings I usually find myself as the only tattooed model and I Usually get “The Stares” as if I’m at the wrong casting from other models haha!. However, I still nail it!

I definitely think we live in a culture today where tattoos are more acceptable but people are taught that self expression is only acceptable when it’s easy to understand. I think open minded people understand that all art is acceptable.

Many times I hear that tattoo take away from my beauty. I don’t think my tattoos take away from my glam. I still love wearing high fashion dresses, I still love being elegant and definitely have the class to do so. I think beauty is just in the eye of the beholder and if people with ink make them cringe I’m definitely not the person they should be conversing with. All in all, I wear my ink proudly, as I take on the fashion and music industry with my unique look I’m hoping to reach limits that will take me to the next level to inspire others who believe that having tattoos don’t make you beautiful. We are beautiful, we have what it takes, wear your canvas, be your canvas.

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