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Arabian Oud – Pure perfume and authentic oud

Perfume, like fashion, is a part of who you are and can become your ultimate fashion statement.

Every man or woman needs a trademark scent, not only to complete their ensemble, or brighten their day, but to lift their spirits and define their individual taste.

As the world’s finest Arabian fragrance house we know how one scent can make all the difference in the world, and have invested over 32 years into perfecting fragrances and perfumes – the same fragrances and perfumes our clients have grown to love.

In the 32 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve grown to become the preferred brand for our customers, and have garnered a following of loyal customers and an unequaled reputation for our pure perfumes, luxurious fragrances, exquisite incense, and the finest quality oud.

With over 900 branches worldwide we have grown to be the largest Arabian fine fragrance boutique, stocking the best men’s perfumes and the best women’s perfumes. Our unrivaled fragrances have become staples for many of our international clients, as our perfumes are known for their quality, purity and luxurious scent.

If you’re searching for your next signature fragrance, the finest Arabian oud on the market, or the enticing aroma of incense, Arabian Oud is the trusted, preferred and recommended name. We provide our customers with the best perfume for men and women that make ideal gifts for men and women in your life.


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Explore our classic collection of top-notch fragrances, Oud of incense and perfumes. And start shopping on our online store, where you’ll experience the same quality and exceptional service our customers have come to expect of us for the past 32 years. 

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What You Can Expect From Arabian Oud

  • Pure perfume and authentic oud.
  • A trusted name in fragrance from the world’s leading perfume house.
  • The very best men’s perfume and elegant women’s perfume perfect for gifts.
  • Quality service and on-time delivery all the time.
  • Extensive range of selected and vetted pure perfumes, incense, and oud – for your pleasure.

Shopping for your next scent has never been easier than visiting our online store. Browse, buy and enjoy only the very best scents from the very best company.

Ar store click here: افضل عطر رجالي

En store click here: Best Perfume for Men