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Joy Villa, A Singer wears ‘Build the Wall’ gown to the Grammys

Joy Villa is back at the 2019 Grammy Awards — and she’s making a political statement once again. The singer, who wore a “Choose Life” gown to last year’s show, with a rainbow painting of a fetus on it, walked the red carpet Sunday in a “Build the Wall” dress.

When she first showed up at the event, Villa, a self-described feminist and Trump supporter, appeared to be dressed as Lady Liberty, in a silver off-the-shoulder look and crown.

However, she removed the outer layer and revealed a white dress with a brick wall motif painted on it and “Build the Wall” in red graffiti on the back. She wrapped wire around her shoulders to look like barbed wire and carried a “Make America Great Again” bag.


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Villa took to Instagram to share her motivation for the outfit.

“I don’t listen to haters. I listen to truth,” she wrote in the caption. “Building the wall will cut down crime, protect children from being trafficked and stop the 1 in 3 women from being sexually assaulted tying [sic] to get through illegally. It’s a humanitarian crisis. I support life. I support protection. I SUPPORT THEWALK!”

She also noted that the look was made by Desi Designs Couture. The brand shared a disclaimer on Instagram, writing that the “views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by my clients are not necessarily the same as my views, thoughts, and opinions.”