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How to Measure Bra Size at Home Quickly and Correctly?

Why knowing how to measure bra size at home is good for you. Let this year be the start of something truly magical. That you learn how to measure your bra size! So you can buy the best bra for wide-set breasts without settling for anything.

If you have a bra on right now, check for the following signs. Are the straps loose or slipping off your shoulders when you move? Are the sides popping out causing you underarm discomfort? Or are the cups gapping or twisting inside the bra offers no support whatsoever?

If you’ve said yes to anyone (or all) of these questions, it’s time to move on. To do that, you need to read what follows next.

How to Measure Bra Size at Home

This 4-step process is simple and 100% effective. Nothing gets more straightforward than this!

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What You Need:

You need a tape measure, a mirror, and enough room to get going. Make sure you’re doing this alone or with someone to help you take the exact measurements.


Step 1

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Stand in front of a full-length mirror and wrap the tape around your chest. Position the tape measure near your underarms. Place the tap exactly below your underarms. The tape should be firm against your skin but not pressing into it.

The number you get from this is your band size. If you get an odd number, round it up to an even number.

Step 2

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To measure your bust, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest. This is generally at the center of your bustline.

Step 3

Now it’s time to get your ideal cup measurement. Subtract the band size with the bust size.

Let’s say, as an example, your band size is 46. And your bust measurement is 51 inches. When you minus 51 from 46, you get 5.

And according to the bra size chart, 5 means a ‘DD’ cup.

Step 4

Combine your band size to your cup size to get the final bra number.

This means your band size (which is 46) and your cup size (which is DD).

Say you’re looking for the best bra for saggy breasts. And you want the fit to be as natural and firm as possible. Based on your latest measurements, you’re a 46DD. That’s precisely what you need to look for size. Anything bigger or smaller will ruin the fit of the bra.

Crucial Tips on How to Measure Bra Size at Home

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What if you don’t want to add up the numbers for your bra? You can rely on this bra size calculator to get you your ideal bra size.

What happens after you try the right bra size? You need to test out whether the bra fits you correctly. This is how you can do it.

  1. To put on your bra, bend slightly forward from the waist. This is to ensure your breasts are well-positioned in the cups.
  2. The band is correct when the back and front of the bra are in a straight line. If it isn’t, make sure the bra is slightly adjustable and not too tight. You should be able to insert a finger under the bra. That’s the ideal amount of adjustability that you want.
  3. Consider buying bras with adjustable straps. So you can tighten and loosen them as you like. To avoid shoulder slippage, skin irritation, and rashes.
  4. The next thing you need to do is wear a tight-fitting plain tee. Check to see if your bra is causing any side bulging or puckering. If it is, you’re not wearing the best size there is.
  5. To reduce a cup size, you need to increase the number of your band size. This is the ideal size for people who want a tighter or looser band fit.
  6. Make sure you get more than one hook when securing the bra. So you can adjust from the tightest to the loosest hook for flexibility.


Now you know how to measure bra size at home. It’s a simple procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. And at the end of it, you get to wear a truly comfortable bra. You need the right bra to smoothen your curves from every angle. To give you a more custom-like fit and shape.

This incredible guide on how to measure bra size at home will get you there.

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