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Top Secrets to Discovering the Perfect Fragrance

It’s likely that you’ve met several people whose scents have remained the same for a long time that somehow their scents became a part of them. Your mother, who smells like the rose flower. Your husband, who smells so good with his signature cologne. Signature smells are more than attractive; they’re like a calling card to the people you casually meet. To those people who consider you special, your scent is a comfort to them.

Today, your goal is to find your signature scent.


To help you, provided below are the basics you need to know for you to find the fragrance that connects with you the most.


The Absolutes


These are natural extracts and oils from organic sources, such as flowers and spices. They’re quite pricey for a small quantity. For instance, pure rose oil.


The Notes


The note is the pungent component in colognes and perfumes. When you smell a composed scent, you’ll smell various notes. When the top note fades, you’re going to detect the second note, which is also called as the bouquet note. As it fades, you’ll be left with the third note, also called the basic note.


The first secret is don’t commit to a fragrance until you’ve smelled the final note. Try spraying that puff perfume bottle on another area (not your skin), wait a few minutes, the smell again. You may like the scent at first, and a few minutes after, the scent will change a bit, and you may not like it anymore.


Types of Fragrances:

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  • Eau de cologne – it’s a mixture of alcohol and about three to five percent perfume oil. It’s light, refreshing, and the scent lasts for a few hours.
  • Eau de Toilette – it’s also a mixture of alcohol and perfume oil, except it contains more oil, about four to eight percent.
  • Eau de parfum – This type of fragrance has a high percentage of perfume oil, around fifteen to eighteen percent. It’s mostly expensive compared to eau de cologne and eau de toilette.
  • Pure perfume – The term is quite misleading as it isn’t really pure. However, it still has the most percentage of perfume oil, ranging from fifteen to thirty percent. It’s also mixed with neutral alcohol, such as vodka.

Because it’s a strong perfume and can last until your day ends, it’s the most expensive among the perfume types.


Have you heard about “scent families”? If not, you’re going to learn about them today.


The scent family for women will include floral, fresh, citrus, sweet, oriental, wood, and spice. For men, it will consist of mosses, musk, leather, and tobacco.


The second secret is to learn which among the scent family you love the most.


The third secret is to store various perfumes that have different scents. It’s fun that you’re able to change your scent according to your mood, occasion, and even the season! You can use sweet and floral during the day, and if it’s date night, you can use spicy or oriental. When the weather is cold, a strong perfume will be excellent as it won’t overwhelm the people around you. So, when it’s warm outside, you’d want to use scents that are light.

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The fourth secret is to try it out on a card first. After a few minutes, smell it again to see if you still like the scent. Yes, even that puff perfume bottle. It may appear cute, but it doesn’t mean it will smell good on you. So, try it on a card first.


The fifth secret is to consider your skin type. You’d want to use something strong if your skin is dry as it may fade quickly.


The sixth secret is to apply it to your pulse points. Yes, you may already know this, but are you familiar where the pulse points are? They’re behind your ears, the center of your neck, inner wrists, and…. behind your knee. You might haven’t heard the last one. Yes, applying them behind the knees will promote the optimal performance of your perfume.


The seventh secret is to apply some petroleum jelly on the area of your skin where you sprayed your perfume. This method will make your perfumes last longer.


There you have it! Hopefully, this guide will help you in discovering the perfumes that will fit you the most!