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How to Remove Glitter Makeup Without Ripping Off Your Skin

Glitter makeup makes you look and feel, well … absolutely glamorous, right? It can amp up any blah look and make you feel like a dazzling darling. While Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve fetes are a time where we all go pretty gaga for glitter, it actually isn’t a bad idea to dress up and add an extra dash of sparkle for any and every occasion, whether it’s big or small. The downside? Removing glitter makeup can take what seems like forever, or it feels like it’s eternally etched into your skin.

“I think the most common mistake people make when removing glitter is going in too hard on pressure and not relying enough on product to lubricate the process,” says New York City-based celebrity and editorial makeup artist Jamie Dorman.

Aside from lipstick, mascara, concealer, and other cosmetic add-ons you already have to remove, glitter is, by far, one of the toughest to budge. For that very reason, ahead we have gathered some helpful tips, tricks, and techniques to help you remove glitter makeup and keep your skin baby smooth, supple, and intact.

For starters, definitely avoid obsessively rubbing your eyes. It may seem like a no-brainer thing to do to ensure all makeup is removed, but it will only cause irritation, as the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive on the face. Dorman suggests using a makeup remover that has dual benefits. “My favorite way to remove glitter from the eyes is with a bi-phase makeup remover — the kind that has two layers in the bottle and you shake to mix them. This will make quick work of any glue you used to adhere the product,” she says. “I put the makeup remover on cotton rounds and hold them over the eye area for a minute or so to loosen everything first so I don’t have to rub the eye area as much.”

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When it comes to your lips, you actually can use the same routine just recommended for eyes above. If glitter doesn’t come right off after the first try, you can move on to using an oil-based wipe such as Yes to Miracle Oil Brighten & Condition Argan Oil Nourishing Facial Wipes ($6). These argan-infused cleansing towelettes will help any remaining glitter to loosen up and slide off your lips more easily. Follow with a hydrating balm such as Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Treatment ($9) to ensure your pout remains smooth and soft.

“For the face I love to use an oil cleanser first, then a face wash. Simple makes a good oil cleanser. It will help the glitter slide off the face with less friction,” says Dorman. When washing your face, start by lathering about a quarter-size amount of cleanser into the palms of your hands. Then proceed to rub in gentle circular motions on your face. Allow the cleanser to settle on your skin for a few seconds to assist in the heavy lifting of any glitter makeup, and finally rinse with a few warm splashes of water.

Whether you went all out for NYE and dressed up everything from your décolletage to your ankles with specs of glitter, or you spent your New Year’s crying glitter tears of joy that fell down to your neck and chest, it’s best to try to wipe off as much glitter with a lukewarm towelette as you can before hopping in the shower or hitting the sheets. The last thing you want is to roll around in glitter all night long and wake up to a disco ball type of mess. “Once you are in the shower, use an in-shower body lotion to encourage the slip of the glitter,” says Dorman. Some expert-approved products to try include Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion ($5) and Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion ($5).

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