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Model launches #FreeThePimple campaign to encourage people to share photos of their spots

Struggling with body image issues is one thing, but when the ‘problem’ is right there on your face, it can be truly confidence-destroying.

That’s why acne-sufferer Louisa Northcote started the #FreeThePimple movement. 

The fashion buying student and Britain’s Next Top Model finalist has suffered with acne for years and started the movement as an online community for enduring the emotional and physical affects of acne.

By sharing un-retouched photos of acne online, under the hashtag #FreeThePimple, Northcote wants to break taboos around acne.


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“Body positivity is a powerful movement which has led to industry-wide embrace of models of all different body types,” Northcote told i-D.

“It has seen an embrace of people with stretch marks, an embrace of female nipples, an embrace of seeing women with their periods, and now it’s time to embrace your skin, which is why I have created #freethepimple — a movement that I hope will empower others to embrace the skin they’re in.”

Since launching, acne-sufferers far and wide have been sharing their un-filtered photos.


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Northcote is currently undergoing chemical peel sessions and laser sessions to reduce the appearance of her acne.

Speaking about her growing movement, she wrote: “When I first decided to put a makeup free selfie exposing my acne and talking about it on social media and using the #freethepimple never did I think this would happen.

“Thank u to everyone for ur love and support and to all the people who message me on the daily and for all the other acne sufferers out there.

“If I can be a voice for us all that makes me so happy.”


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