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Don’t be like Nina Dobrev and take your Halloween makeup off

Nina Dobrev just committed beauty’s biggest skin sin: Sleeping in your makeup.

The actress took to Instagram stories to walk her more than 13 million followers through her Halloween makeup saga. She dressed up as a Mexican sugar skull, complete with a flower crown and a full black and white face paint. Her look had a base layer of white foundation, deep black circles, and 3-D dots around her eyes, dark black lipstick and dark black contouring on her cheekbones.


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Dobrev’s makeup was so flawless that she apparently decided to keep it on for a full extra day. “This is the real Halloween,” she said on Sunday morning when she woke up looking rumpled. Aside from a rubbed-off area around her nose and mouth, her makeup was fully intact. It wasn’t until 4:55 PM the next day that she took the look off with a big ol’ pile of makeup wipes. She even took her dog for a walk in full, mussed makeup.

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Once she finally removed the look, she still has a clear complexion, but she may just have gotten lucky — or not yet broken out. Leaving eye makeup on can cause irritation or additional redness. Heavy makeup, like Dobrev’s whited-out complexion, can clog pores even if you only have it on briefly. With the addition of rubbing up against a pillow all night plus the extra hours, you’re all but asking for a breakout.


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(Photo: @nina/Instagram)

We suggest keeping a pack of makeup wipes (Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes are a favorite) or a rinse-free remover like Cetaphil Gentle Makeup Remover right on your nightstand. A next day’s worth of Halloween makeup may make for a great Instagram story, but your skin will be way less happy than your followers. Plus, don’t you need to prep for all those Thanksgiving selfies?