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Kim Kardashian look-alike has 2l fat injected to get dream butt

This 24-year-old Brazilian has gone to extreme measures to look like her idol Kim Kardashian.

Jennifer Pamplona, from Sao Paolo, has spent over $590,000 in her quest to get a curvaceous body with an enormous derriere to rival Kim K’s.

In her latest procedure, she was rejected by eight plastic surgeons that deemed it too risky, before having 900cc of fat injected into each buttock.

“I’m crazy for my butt, it started when I was 17-years-old I was always slender unlike most Brazilians who are known for being very curvy,” Jennifer says.

“People always used to comment on my body and when I was dating a professional footballer, he complained, ‘you don’t have a big butt and you’re too skinny’.”

Since then, she’s had two boob jobs to get a 34D cup, four ribs removed, liposuction, a rhinoplasty and countless cosmetic procedures to enhance her curves.

“I started to go crazy for a larger butt, I’ve lost count of the amount of injections I’ve had now to make it bigger but it’s way over ten,” she says.

“I finally have my Kim Kardashian butt. I’ve spent a lot of money to become Jennifer Pamplona, but I don’t see it as an expense more as an investment, I will become more famous than Kim Kardashian.”

Jennifer had 2 litres of fat injected into her buttocks. Photo: Caters

Despite putting her life at risk, the former Versace model claims she’d die for her mission to have a bigger butt and become more famous than Kim Kardashian-West.

“I definitely have too much fat injected in there now, if I have any more in it will be dangerous and doctors will refuse to do any more,” says Jennifer, who runs her own cosmetic line.

“My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful.”

Jennifer was 17-years-old when she had her first boob job and continued with more alterations after meeting partner Celso Santebanes, known as the Brazilian Human Ken Doll.

What Jennifer looked like before she started altering her body. Photo: Caters

After he passed away from leukaemia three years ago, she was offered surgery as part of a TV show where she would undergo a full body transformation.

She continued to change her body and maintains that surgeries have helped her to beat depression and overcome difficulties – despite attracting a lot of criticism.

“Before everyone told me I didn’t need to make my butt any bigger, but in my mind I wasn’t going to stop until it looked how I wanted,” she explains.


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Jennifer says her butt helped her beat depression. Photo: Caters

“Now I’m so much happier, having surgery has changed my life. I feel so different, before it was like I was invisible, now I have this huge butt I feel amazing.”

However, Jennifer admitted she has been forced to defend her lifestyle choices to strangers and loved ones, too.

Jennifer says she loves her body despite what people say. Photo: Caters

“My mother wouldn’t talk to me for two weeks after seeing my butt and started to cry when she saw the bruising from injections, she doesn’t understand this is why I’m famous,” she says.

Jennifer is part of the Plastics of Hollywood talent agency, who are being followed for a reality-TV show where surgery addicts and human dolls strive for fame.



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