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20 Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles Maybe You Will Like

No conversation about popular global fashion icons can go complete without the mention of the sassy Latin singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez. Even after twenty years in the industry and being a mom of two kids, her persona and innovative hairstyles still makes your heart miss a beat. Exhibiting her keen sense of style and complete knowledge of what suits her face shape and skin tone, Jennifer has experimented with varied styles and updos meshing well with her signature bronzy glow. Let’s check out some of the amazing Jennifer Lopez hairstyles through the years.


Famed for her long tresses, Jennifer has no hesitation in adorning short hair and carries it off with great aplomb. Get inspired from the various Jennifer Lopez hair styles.

1. Voluminous Curls

For the 2002 Oscars, Jennifer gave her shoulder length hair the ultra-feminine finish with knee weakening curls and honey color highlights.


2. Curled Bob

At 2007 Oscars, Jennifer sported a short bob which when shaped with curls at the bottom acquired the cool edgy look. The heavy neck embellishment of the dress and the blingy studded hair brooch clinched the princess look of Jennifer Lopez short hairstyle.


3. Short Blonde

Sharp and sleek, the short blonde with brown highlights and proper styling is plain cute and perfect to beat the summer heat of 2005.


4. Side Swept With Curls

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are a powerful inspiration to make you stand out in the crowd. This side swept curls hairstyle is as unique as the sexy Jennifer.


5. Short And Wavy

Here is another Jennifer Lopez short hair that you could try of you are looking for an image makeover. Do you think that’s Jennifer Lopez’s real hair?



Finally, we list Jennifer’s signature long tresses given a plethora of styles.

6. Textured Waves

At the 2015 Golden Globes, Jennifer looked super hot with textured waves appropriately volumized. The loose flat front look with half mid parting seemed to provide a perfect balance and flaunt Jennifer’s facial highlights to perfection.


7. Beachy Waves

The 2011 beachy hairstyle adorned by Jennifer made her look no less than a sultry mermaid on the red carpet.


8. Long And Straight

The long and straight tresses with layers at the 2011 Grammies with golden touch is all that Jennifer needs to mesmerize all.


9. The Side Swept Look

The side swept long curls oozing with the honey glow and paired up with delicately smoky eyes and glossy peach lipstick shows how seducing Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are at the red carpet.


10. Thick Spirals

Giving her thick mane the spiral volumizing curls, Jennifer exuded the natural playful and naught vibes.


11. The Massive Braid

The massive stylish braid flaunted by Jennifer in the music video, ‘Feel the Music’ is not only an iconic style statement but also ranks amongst the best Jennifer Lopez braids.



If you thought pony do’s lack glamour and are not worthy of red carpet looks, check out Jennifer’s hair styles. Pony dos may well become your ultimate style statement.

12. Half-Up-Half-Down Ponytail

Check out her simple yet stylish half-up half-down ponytail which she adorned at the 2011 American Music awards post party. The hardly noticeable slight curl given when fixing the ponytail with the top layer is the trick for this bouncy hairstyle ideal for medium to long hair. One can easily recreate it at home and adorn as a daily hairstyle.


13. Low Ponytail

J-Lo graced the premiere of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ with her luxe golden mane swept smoothly back into the low ponytail, made sexy with the slight curls at the tail. With the dramatic smoky0eded makeup and berry lips, Jennifer’s total aura was sensuous to the core!


14. Loose Ponytail

At the HRC National Dinner, Jennifer made the loose ponytail look like the most fashionable hair style. The effortless looking long locks styled and let loose at the front definitely added the romantic touch. It certainly is one of the simplest yet glamorous Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles.


15. The Braided Ponytail

In 2009, the ultra long and sleek plaited ponytail looks so alluring that one can’t help but look twice.


16. Long Braided Ponytail

A Jennifer Lopez haircut is your ultimate styling mantra and her hairstyles are always an excellent source of inspiration. Look at her rocking this super stylish and unique hairstyle. This Jennifer Lopez ponytail hairstyle is the perfect choice to add a touch of fun to your look.



Jennifer is known to sport the ‘casual look’ with effortless expertise. Her long tresses allow her free experimentation with all kinds of buns. Today she had become a live education for it. Let’s refresh some the most amazing Jennifer Lopez hair buns and updos.

17. Messy updo

At the MET Gala, Jennifer’s messy up looked extremely casual and chic but it really required the expert skills of a stylist and of course! Attitude to carry it off!


18. Turban Roll

Flaunting the glorious volume of her long tresses, watch Jennifer adorn this bird nest type turban roll complimenting her lengthy gown at the Backup Plan Premiere. Looking like a queen with complete makeup. No wonder this statement hairstyle got the tongues wagging!


19. High Glamour Updo

At the annual academy awards 2012, this high glamour wet updo is a perfect knockout against the white gown.


20. Top Knot

I love this Jennifer Lopez top-knot styled for the AOL Build Speaker Series. The chic diamond hoops and the diamond rings ensemble complimented the top knot to the hilt.




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