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Your Complete Guide to Every Winged Eyeliner Trend Imaginable

Knowing how to execute razor-sharp, winged eyeliner is no longer the most impressive thing you can do to your lids anymore. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve learned many other fun, fancy, and completely mesmerizing ways to wear cat eyes. If a classic cat eye look is what you’re after, then here is some inspiration, courtesy of your favorite celebrities. But right now we’re going to focus on some of the most experimental takes on the timeless look. We rounded up every single winged eyeliner trend you could possibly imagine (including, if you can believe it, pom poms), so keep scrolling to see all the wild and craziness for yourself.


In addition to standard black flicks, people have been tracing along the same lines with one or two different colors to create a compounded liner effect. If you already know how to do cat eyes, this look will be very simple for you to try at home.

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Australian makeup artist Nicole Tait wanted to see how many wings she could fit onto her lids, so she drew on five different colors. All interlock to create an optical illusion that kind of makes our brain hurt.

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Polka Dot

Remember pointillism from your Art History 101 class? Makeup artists on Instagram have been adapting that artistic technique to their makeup by create cat eyes out of tons of tiny little dots.

Incomplete Wings

Emma Watson’s makeup artist, Kara Yoshimoto Bua, created the impression of a cat eye by drawing on incomplete wings — tracing the top lashes, extending the line past the outer corners, then bringing the line back to just before the crease without filling in the negative space.


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Negative Space

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles took a similar approach for Lily Collins. Instead of filling in the outline one creates for thick wings, Stiles left the space free.

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Pom Poms

Instagram has no limits on how far they’ll take their wings. Case in point: Makeup artists have actually been gluing the craft supply pom poms from your childhood onto their lids for a colorful and 3-dimensional look.

All Around

Before heading to the fall 2017 Saint Laurent show, our June 2017 cover star drew on graphic wings that went along her creases. The video below will show you exactly how she pulled off the look.


In addition to winging out her upper lids with a pretty turquoise liner, Katy Perry’s makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen added a simple spot under each lower lid. To find out more about the dotted liner trend, here are some helpful tips.

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Instead of drawing on wings that start at the base of your lashes, British makeup artist Stacey McDonald elevated the look — literally. With the help of tape, she lines lids a couple centimeter higher to make the wings look like they are floating above the lashes.