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Tragic woman, 20, plans her own funeral so she can fulfil last wish to ‘die beautiful’

In a tribute to the film Die Beautiful, Racine Pregunta, 20, lay in her coffin this week looking stunning just as she planned during her battle with osteosarcoma

At only 20 years of age, Racine Pregunta had a final wish as bone cancer ravaged her body in its final days.

Outlining a meticulous list of details for her funeral, the young woman told her family she wanted to “die BEAUTIFUL”.

She asked to wear a special dress, a floral headband, make-up details and burial instructions so her farewell was just as she wanted.

Now her family have declared “request fulfilled” as heartbreaking images reveal Racine in an open casket this week looking stunning at her funeral.

Racine Pregunta in her coffin at the funeral (Photo: Facebook)

Racine Pregunta is prepared in her coffin at the funeral (Photo: Facebook)

Racine died on April 17 in Davao City, in the southern Philippines, after a battle with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

According to her sister Rolyn Pregunta, Racine, who had done modelling photoshoots, requested: “If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL.”

The request was a reference to a 2016 Filipino comedy, Die Beautiful, about a transgender woman who dies while being crowned in a beauty pageant.

The character’s wish was to be presented as a different celebrity on each night of her wake.

The Die Beautiful movie released last year (Photo: IMDB)

Rolyn has revealed on social media that her sibling made similar but simpler requests as she knew her last days had begun on April 12.

Racine requested for her “personal make-up artist” to do her make-up.

She also wanted to wear a white off-the-shoulder dress and a white flower headband.

And she also wanted to wear something violet, blue and mint green.

Mourners gather at the funeral in Davao City, in the Philippines

Talking to her sister, she wanted to be buried next to her father’s burial plot.

But a more “practical” solution, given the cost of buying the adjacent plot, meant she was buried on top of her father’s plot.

“Today, request fulfilled and there all I see is you, smiling,” Rolyn wrote on Facebook.

“On the way to the sunset, friends and family gathered and bid their last farewell to Racine who now sleeps beautifully forever.

“You will always remain in our hearts.”

Racine in her coffin at her funeral

In another post today, Rolyn paid tribute to the actor from the Die Beautiful move: “Thank you Paolo Ballesteros for inspiring us and of course for the beautiful flowers.”

The death came after Rolyn first posted about her sister’s diagnosis in an emotional appeal for help on Facebook last October.

She requested financial donations to help with medical support and a specific blood type to help Racine battle the disease.

“Hi everyone,” Rolyn wrote.

“This is to inform everyone my sister Racine is battling Osteosarcoma. It’s a rare disease.

“Right now she badly needs B+ blood type to stabilize her hemoglobin.

“The soonest possible she will undergo surgery on her right knee.

“I am humbly asking for your support, if any of you can donate B+ blood type tomorrow we will greatly appreciate.”

In another post last October, Rolyn wrote: “Her illness is like a theft in the night.

“She’s still battling for her life right now. Please include her in your prayers.

“Thank you all for the support and financial assistance. We are still raising more funds to sustain her medical needs. You may refer to my previous post.

“God bless everyone. Thank you to those who have visited her. Your presence will give her more strength to fight!”

Rolyn’s post about her sister’s preparations went viral on social media attractions 27,000 likes/commiserations and more than 5,000 shares.

About 7,000 people have commented.

In the full post, Rolyn wrote: “Let me tell you how Racine prepared her departure.

“It was April 12, 2017… Before she informed everyone that she’s ready to go.

“She had these requests: An off- shoulder white dress and a white flowerband.

“The next day, she asked for something that’s Violet, Blue and Mint Green.

“Then I asked her “Unsa d I na gang?”(What’s that, love?). She replied “Basta kabalo nka ana” (You know it.

“The following day…. she said: ‘I want to lay beside Papa’.

“Thus, I said, ‘let me try to achieve your request’.

“I consulted Mom about it and she told me: If we can afford to buy the lot beside my father’s grave.

“She practically suggested; what if ‘ipatong nalang nato sya sa lubnganan sa imu Papa?’ (What if we we put her on top of your fathers’ grave?).

“And immediately relayed the message to Racine and she answered “it’ s fine”.

“She added: ‘If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL.’

“Personally requested for Ate Gladys to do her make-up (who is her personal make- up artist).

“Today, request fulfilled and there all I see is you, smiling.”