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Boy asks teen girl for picture of ‘what’s under your towel?’ and is left wishing he hadn’t

Michael was certainly persistent

Teen girl has perfect response to man asking her ‘what’s under your towel http://shitty-dad.tumblr.com/

The perfect way of dealing with an unsolicited request for nude pictures is to have 19 towels to hand and a bath robe.

This was how 16 year-old Jacquie Ross chose to handle several texts from a boy she knows asking her “what’s under your towel?”

The North Carolina teen had just got out of the shower and was discussing outfits with Michael, who is on the prom committee at her school.

When he asked her to show him her outfit, Jacquie replied “I am not fit for being seen right now believe me” and sent him a photo of her in a towel with a face mask on.

Things escalated from that point on.

Ignoring the fact Jacquie probably just wanted a quiet home spa session, Michael decided to push his luck and ask “what’s below the picture?”

Michael pushes his luck

A stickler for detail, Michael then asked “what’s under the towel?”

Jacquie’s response was to sass him with another towel.

Jacquie’s response was perfect

Michael, however, is nothing if not persistent and despite the fact Jacquie is clearly toying with him, he decides to ask repeat his question.

19 towels down

Surely most people by now would have given up and accepted the fact that Jacquie clearly REALLY loves towels.

Introducing the robe

And, you guessed it, another towel.

Jacquie told BuzzFeed News ,”I think it’s funny how everyone’s creeped out by ‘I’m gonna get what I want.'”

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We have to agree, that is very creepy.

We could have predicted this

She continued: “I also like when people are like ‘I’m gonna use this for future reference!'”

Describing her relationship with Michael, Jacquie said: “He’s sort of a friend so we talk pretty often.

“Not flirtatiously but memes and such. So it wasn’t some random guy from a class.”

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