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Passenger from hell threatens to accuse Uber driver of rape

An enraged Bronx woman threatened to falsely accuse an Uber driver of rape and assault — after he told her he didn’t have a charger for her phone, footage shows.

“I’m going to start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me,” the female passenger can be heard saying in a dashcam video posted by LiveLeak.

“I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it,” she adds. “You wanna play?”

The incident is said to have occurred Monday in the Bronx, according to the video-sharing website.

The woman also hurled racial expletives at the driver and told him to “go back to your country.”

“Donald Trump going to send you and your family back,” she seethes. “Get the f–k out of my country.”

The heated exchange apparently stemmed from an argument over the driver not having an iPhone charger.

“If I don’t have a charger, politely ask me. I’ll politely tell you, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have a charger,’” the man says. “But you start disrespecting me.”

The woman’s phone was supposedly dead and she thought Uber drivers were required to have chargers.

“I don’t have to have a charger,” the driver says.

“You do. You’re supposed to,” the woman replies.

Throughout the video, the passenger and the driver repeatedly tell each other to call police.

“I’m not getting out, call the cops,” the woman says.

“I will spit in your face, I’m from the Bronx,” she adds.

“Are you gonna shut up so I can take you to your destination?” the driver asks.

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“I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it,” the woman says. “You’re going to jail … You wanna play yourself? I’ll call the cops right now … I’m going to tell them you’re holding me against my will … You’re going to jail for domestic violence.”

In response, the driver simply says: “Yeah, whatever … Get out of my car.”

After a few more seconds of arguing, he politely asks, “What’s wrong with you?” — sparking another tirade from the woman.

“I will spit in your face,” she says again. “I will violate you, n—a.”

Moments later, the rider snaps — screaming at the top of her lungs to call her boyfriend — all while the driver looks at the camera and smiles.

“I was taking you to your destination until you started talking s–t,” he says, just before the woman realizes she’s being recorded.

“Why are you recording me,” she yells, while punching the man’s seats. “He just hit me in my face!”

After he tells the passenger that she can “make up whatever lies [she] wants,” the woman eventually gets out of the car and leaves.

The driver — who claims to have been with Uber for “over two years” — can be heard venting about the incident as soon as she’s gone.

“You see these stupid b—hes,” he says. “You see what she did. Stupid Bronx b—h. See, people?! I’m not saying all the females, some b—-hes like this. F—ing thot. This is Uptown New York, man. Bronx. We got stupid b—hes out here. Sorry for my language. This is how Uber drivers goes [sic] through every f–king day, man. People would disrespect us, talk s–t to us like it’s nothing, man.”

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Several Uber drivers have been arrested in recent years for allegedly raping or assaulting female riders.

On Sunday, a driver was arrested in Southern California on suspicion of sexually assaulting a women he picked up March 30. He was taken into custody the next day, after the woman went to police and reported him.

Last month, an Uber driver was charged with abduction, rape and aggravated sexual assault in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after a female passenger filed a police report against him.

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