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Heartilage Piercings Are the New Earring Trend You’re Going to Obsess Over

My first pair of earrings were simple studs, the generic pair I picked out when I got my ears pierced as a little girl, but as the years have gone on, my collection of unique, intricate earrings has grown and my everyday studs are a thing of the past. While there’s no shortage of pom-pom earrings or single silver drop earrings in the fashion world, I assumed that all cartilage earrings were created equally. I thought that the round silver cartilage earring I rebelliously got pierced with in college (sorry again, Mom) would just be it, no tassels or fringes — and sadly, no diamonds.

There’s no denying that it’s difficult to design a unique yet chic cartilage earring simply because of the sensitivity and location on the ear, but a piercing legend in New York City has found the solution. Robbie Milian, the one with the piercing gun at celebrity favorite West 4 Tattoo, simply removed the bead from his client’s cartilage ring, turned in the metal ends, and shaped the piercing into a heart. We’ve officially named this heart cartilage trend “heartilage,” and we cannot get enough of it! It’s the adorable way to spice up your piercing in a way we didn’t think could be done.

Robbie’s creativity with the heartilage piercing might have been inspired by his frequent heart daith piercings, the innermost area of cartilage, which he often pierces with a beaded heart ring, seen on his Instagram. Keep reading to see more photos of the heartilage trend.

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