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Beautiful Lip Art with Nose Pins

I would like to appreciate all women who are taking makeup to the next level by using ordinary products. The glitters and sparkles are two common accessories these days which are available almost on the stores; the real artistry is combing your creativity with the products to create a new makeover. 

Some rules for Beautiful  lip art Makeup

Use two and four tones side by side and use brush to blend the colors.

Give some highlights and try to make it look like a real art instead of just an ordinary makeup.

The use of white can make a big difference, if you don’t know which color to put on first, leave the space and come back with the lighter shade to fill in it. The orange pastel in matt can be filled with the blue and light orange can be filled along with the dark violet. The color combination can be created easily, just take this art more of a color contrast, the warmer lipstick colors should be combined with the colder colors for creating something compelling.

What not to do?

Don’t mix two colors together, they would look like a mud. When you paint your lipstick with an intention to make an art, use brushes instead of the tip of the lipstick directly. Use ¾ flat brush and not the tip itself.

Don’t smudge your lipsticks yet or smear it. Refrain from applying the gloss it will make a big mess up.

Do not use harmless glue to attach the sparkles on the lips, it can cause infection.

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Some Ideas:

I always avoid applying big sized sparkles onto the lip colors. Use of bright sparkles is effective when the base lipstick color is lighter in tone.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of using sparkles you can use gel glitter because it can stick well with the lipstick.

Some lipsticks have gloss but not the liquor texture, they can give a shine to lips but won’t smear around, so find such products if you want to do experiments with the lip art.

I myself use some glitter with the glue on the lips to make my art, for instance, during Christmas I use glittery sparkles onto the lips to create a snow effect. It’s just that you have to use your idea and make it functional by incorporating some good makeup products, once you do everything in the right way, everything turns out to be nice in the end.

If your nose is pinned as yet you can buy a clip, it will do the same. Just wear it for parties and special events.