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Symptoms Of Burning Eyes

Have you been complaining of itchiness, burning sensation, scratching, or irritation in your eyes lately? It’s time to see a doctor, dude. One of the common symptoms of dry eyes, burning eyes is a result of smoking, cold or flu, pollen, dust, sand, or eye infection. However, these causes are not sufficient to narrow down your problem to burning eyes. Even excessive use of glasses for reading can also lead to this disorder. And if you happen to live nearby a chemical plant, then you are bound to complain of burning eyes quite often, all thanks to fumes exuded from the chemical plant. Further, if you love swimming or are into a swimming learning course, the chlorine in the water is another reason for your burning eyes. While these factors cannot be avoided to some extent, you can certainly relieve yourself from this disorder by knowing the symptoms and treating them with the right cure at the right time. Go through the following lines to know about the same.


Symptoms Of Burning Eyes
  • Frequent itching in the eyes is one of the most common symptoms of burning eyes.
  • Just like itchiness, continuous redness of the eyes is another visible sign of burning eyes.
  • Mild or severe burning sensation of eyes when exposed to fast blowing air also directs you towards this disorder.
  • If you are down with burning eyes, your eyes will tend to feel an intense pain when exposed to bright light.
  • Another common visible sign of burning eyes is the discharge of watery substance from the eyes, apart from tears.
  • You feel the urge to scratch your eyes due to constant irritation and stinging.
  • Burning eyes is one of the common causes of eye stye, an infection on the eye lids wherein a red bump forms. Sometimes, the bump forms at the base of the eyelashes too. Due to the contraction of eye stye, one can complain of burning sensation and uneasiness.
Treatment Of Burning Eyes
  • Pour in clean drinking water in a glass and mix in some ice cubes. Rinse your eyes with this water to provide some relief to the burning sensation. The coolness of the water will soothe the pain and inflammation caused to your eyes.
  • Alternately, you can wet a cloth in cold water and place it on your eyes. An effective remedy for soothing eyes from itching and burning.
  • Wet cotton swabs with rose water and apply them to your eyelids. Lie down and relax for a while to provide cooling effect to your eyes.
  • For a more effective natural remedy for burning eyes, use aloe vera. Squeeze out the juice and apply directly to your eyelids. Alternatively, dab the juice on cotton balls and place on your eyelids.
  • Avoid using hot water to treat burning eyes. However, if conjunctivitis is the cause of burning eyes, use lukewarm water diluted with salt to flush your eyes. Take this saline water in your hands and bring your eyes close to the water. Blink several times so that water enters the eyes and washes away any particles in the eye. Doing so will reduce the pain and prevent further development of the infection.
  • Ground 1 onion and 1 teaspoon each of poppy seeds and black pepper seeds. Dilute this mixture in ½ cup milk. Smear this mixture onto your eyelids and allow it to dry. This will take around 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • On the prescription of your ophthalmologist, put in one or two drops of artificial tears or eye drops to relieve itchiness and heal burning eyes.


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